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Canabliss drops spiritually delightful debut EP, 'PLASMA,' on WAKAAN

The electromagnetic sounds coming from these four tracks are abducting us into an experimental world.

Toronto-based producer Canabliss has been making moves and putting in work since her first SSKWAN release, Freak It, back in July 2021. Now, her debut on parent label, WAKAAN, is an energetically charged-up EP and our agents have officially opened up a case file here at Dubstep FBI.

Her four-track EP titled PLASMA is an absolute walk-through bliss that has a blend of REZZ and Boogie T sitting down, rolling a joint, and getting to work on some creative outlets of music.

Quicksand was our personal favorite, along with Currents - both highlight tracks on the EP.

"Electricity is everywhere, even in our own brains. Currents is about forming connections spiritually and physically in life," Canabliss said.

The message behind this release is something we all can relate to: At the end of the day, music brings us energy and connects us with deep thoughts that sometimes cannot be expressed via words.

Canabliss explored new sounds within the design and production of PLASMA, capturing the elements of music that have guided her through rough times over the last few years.

"[This song has] tons of heavy bass and dark atmospheres to help express some of the more difficult times we experienced these past couple of years" she said. "In Canada, we’ve still been pretty much locked down without any live music available, so writing music has been my primary outlet."

This EP couples with her first nationwide tour alongside WAKAAN label head Liquid Stranger, followed by select dates on REZZ’s Spiral tour.

Canabliss will also be making an appearance at several U.S. festivals this season, including Forbidden Kingdom, Summer Camp and more to be announced.

With ample music and shows to come, Canabliss is unequivocally an artist to watch as we enter 2022.

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