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Embark on a mystical journey with 'Catabasis' from Bass Temple and 18 Hands

Let the innovative sounds and deep bassline of this tune take you on a voyage to the underworld

If you're looking for a track that takes you on a mystical and otherworldly journey, look no further than 'Catabasis' by Bass Temple and 18 Hands. The word Catabasis itself means "journey to the underworld", and this track certainly lives up to its name by submerging the listener into a deep and extensive soundscape.

The track begins with ethereal vocals that are complemented by glittering accents, drawing the listener in with its haunting beauty. As the track progresses, rumbles from below start to open the gates, and the bassline takes over, inviting the listener to journey deeper into the abyss. With each beat, the energy builds, and the listener is transported to another world.

Bass Temple, the Denver-based producer behind this track, has created something truly special with Catabasis. Her innovative sounds transport listeners to a sacred temple filled with cinematic world bass reverberations. Her music takes us on a journey from deep primordial bass into cosmic melodic loops, raising the energy into a high vibrational experience.

"Catabasis is a journey through the underworld. The inspiration for this track is an introspective journey into the depths of oneself, and coming back through the other side." Said Bass Temple.

Partnering with Bass Temple for this track is 18 Hands, who creates music that derives from his decades of practice in Kung Fu. With his music, he hopes to tap into the listener's warrior spirit and spiritual connection to the earth. Together, Bass Temple and 18 Hands have created a track that is both otherworldly and grounding, taking the listener on a journey through the depths of the underworld and back again.

Sit back, close your eyes, and let Bass Temple and 18 Hands take you on a journey that you won't soon forget.


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