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Chasing EMBER & Sara Benyo: We have obtained their new collab, 'Another Dimension'

Get ready to experience our police report detailing the chase and capture of these two sonic criminals.

ember and Sara Benyo

Because of the dreamy states and mass destruction of EMBER and Sara Benyo's latest song, our FBI agents have been asked to investigate.

The song is called Another Dimension and it was just self-released by the two artists.

Approximately around 14:00 on January 1 after the new year, our agents were able to pinpoint the suspect, EMBER.

His location? Nevada, Las Vegas.

At that time, our agent spotted the suspect trying to flee the scene of a crime, while dropping this mesmerizing track that left the audience lost in another planet:

After a long pursuit chase around Nevada, Las Vegas, our agents were able to apprehend EMBER and transport him into the FBI HQ.

On the other hand, Sara Benyo's whereabouts are unknown. However, we do plan to apprehend her for some questioning.

While we had our suspect EMBER in custody, I took the initiative to interrogate him with a couple questions.

EMBER said, "Sara and I met in a really funny way actually. I was at a Jessica Audiffred show and posted a video of me singing Nothing Left. When I tagged Jessica, she reposted on her story. Couple days later, Sara messaged me to see if she could repost the video."

Behind the release of Another Dimension, EMBER and Sara Benyo's new track was influenced by the idea of a story that involves with the unsettling reality of the planet's current state. This includes portraying the desire to escape Earth by being transported into another dimension by aliens to a safer haven.


Another Dimension starts off into a nice soft mesmerizing sound, following up with Sara Benyo’s angelic vocals with some nice kicks and hats. This is then followed up with a build up that leads into mass destruction from the drop.

After the mass destruction, we come back into the peaceful and dreamy side of the track.


ember and Sara at a concert

EMBER said, "The track goes through two different emotions with the melodic drops showing the calm before the destruction being displayed in the dubstep drop."

He then mentioned that Illenium, KAYZO, and Slander were the true motivations for his music because of the way they have broken the barriers in the EDM industry, just by bringing in multiple genres. With that being said, he finds it absolutely inspiring.


In addition into our interrogation, I had asked him what's the next step after this release.

EMBER said, "Expect a lot of melodic releases mixed in with some dubstep/hard techno in between as well."

Upon my investigation on this assignment, I would like to inform you all that this case has been looked into and will advise to check them out. Especially, with how their sound mesmerized us which grasp all of our attention.

At this time, we will continue to monitor the two suspects and conduct more investigations in the future.

Another Dimension can be streamed on Spotify and Soundcloud on Friday, January 5.


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