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DIM MAK puts on rising artists Dani King, RENN & Kamas in latest single

Melodic dubstep, paired with atmospheric vocals, form 'Under Pressure' in the New Noise debut for these three producers.

Some labels have been around long enough to be EDM mainstays - Steve Aoki's DIM MAK is no different. Founded in 1996, the label itself is older than many fans of the genres it releases.

New Noise is DIM MAK's imprint that serves to highlight cutting-edge sounds from upcoming artists across the genre spectrum. Their latest release captures three artists who have been on our watch list as of late: It's called Under Pressure (feat. Dani King) by RENN & Kamas.

Under Pressure gets started with a cinematic intro before Dani King's vocals come in - a touch RENN said he likes to add in his songs. While the vocals are about picking yourself up in tough times, the song overall is relatable to many of us who have felt those things before.

He also took the creative liberty of putting the song in the key of B minor, which is not very popular in dubstep, but was super excited to see how the track turned out.

"I love to create cinematic and atmospheric vibes in my songs before getting into a really epic drop," RENN said. "It was a challenge for both of us to create something as heavy and epic, but also being cohesive between all three drops. He [Kamas] absolutely crushed it during that second heavy drop, with some crazy sound design and I couldn’t be more proud of how this turned out!"

Lyrically, Dani King said the song came about when RENN and Kamas reached out to her about doing vocals and that she wanted to write an uplifting set of lyrics about moving forward in life when things get tough.

"RENN and Kamas reached out to me with this instrumental and I found it easy to create lyrics matching their energy. The original idea stemmed from the immense amount of pressure needed to create diamonds, but I wanted to address that in an indirect way." Dani King said. "The lyrics center around picking yourself up after a failure, or when times are tough, and recognizing those feelings before moving forward and becoming the best version of yourself."

The song inspired us to not only headbang, but also to be our best. We think it'll do the same for you, too.

Under Pressure is streaming every now via DIM MAK's New Noise imprint.


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