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We sat down with upcomers off Dawn Vol.2: Here's what they had to say

Six bass music artists to keep on your radar in 2021

With the release of Dawn Vol.2 on Excision's label Subsidia came a mass of underground talent from artists that are now on our watch list.

We sat down with Gl0bal, Doctor Neiman, Cyrus Gold, Jorge Toscano, Shyloom and Omas who released on Dawn Vol.2, getting the inside scoop on recent releases and what to expect in the future from these artists.

Subsidia Records emerged in fall 2020 via what many were just expecting to be the Couch Lands stream - bass giant Excision proved that he is a dubstep thought leader, using day 2 of the steam as an announcement channel for his new label. He's clearly watching these artists, and so are we in 2021.

Jorge Toscano

This next track will have YOU head-bopping all day. “You” produced by Jorge Toscano has the perfect amount of energy and emotion, wanting this feeling on repeat. Toscano is a huge fan of Oliverse, Whales and Ray Volpe whom have more of a melodic-driven yet heavy sound. He started producing back in 2012 and quickly dove down the rabbit hole, loving the energy the music brings.

In past phases, big room and progressive house were more his vibe, but recently evolved into trap and bass music. We got word that he has a huge announcement coming sometime later this month that you don’t want to miss.

Omas in Outer Space

Next up, we arrested Omas. Omas and Les Gold produced “Lost In Outer Space” and this track is a head turner. Omas and Les Gold manage to blend both of their styles, heavy bass and guitar into this track and the result is unlike anything else on this compilation. Omas has big plans for the year 2021, with collabs lined up and new music releases throughout this year. Omas plans to release a couple new songs this month so be on the lookout for those.

Crybanger Gold

“Other Side” produced by Cyrus Gold will have you crying and headbanging all at the same time. This tune is the perfect combination of both heavier styles of bass and the softer styles making this an absolute cry banger. Who said you can’t feel everything at once?

Cyrus Gold is all about showing emotion and energy through his art, and this track does not disappoint. Cyrus Gold started producing early in high school but has found the pandemic a time to really push himself. Pouring all his energy and love into making his dream come true.

This past year producing music has been the focus, and his efforts truly show in his track “Other Side”. Though 2020 was an exciting year for Cyrus and his career, 2021 is all about defining who he is as an artist. Cyrus, along with a couple other talented artists, have us wondering what we can expect to hear in late 2021. We don’t know how this year will turn out, but what we do know is Cyrus Gold will always be working on something new.


“Powerless” produced by Gl0bal is a universally relatable track that was inspired as a response to the times we are in right now. Gl0bal has been producing for six years and is only getting started. Gl0bal caught his first big break opening for a major artist early in his career to shortly after catching the festival bug after learning how impactful the dance music scene can be.

So, what can we expect from Gl0bal in 2021? While we can’t give away too much, 2021 is "EP mode," according to Global. He has his first single off his EP dropping very soon and we expect to hear some real noise with this project so make sure you stay tuned!

Royal listening material

We managed to lock up Shyloom, Kabes and Dani King who produced “Royalty.” All we have to say, is this track truly is royal. Shyloom manages to incorporate orchestral trap with dubstep and the result passes all the vibe checks. “Royalty” has all the vibes, and with vocals from Dani King, is something you will want to play over and over again.

While it isn’t set in stone, be on the look-out for a possible EP coming at the end of this year!

2021 is what the Doctor ordered

The last artist on our hit-list from Dawn Vol.2 is Doctor Neiman who produced “Let Go," one of my personal favorites off the compilation. Doctor Neiman comes from a musical background, earning his first taste of dance music at the age of 11 years old, when he heard Twilight Zone by 2Unlimited at a bar mitzva. As Doctor Neiman puts it, “attending that bar mitzva changed his life!"

Doctor Neiman has been producing for nearly 20 years but really started to get serious in 2008. In the past, Neiman had been releasing music in a multitude of genres; (house, trance, dance-pop, future bass, trap, moombah, dance-country) under his given name Noah Neiman, it was only recently that he started to work on his new persona, Doctor Neiman, which is designed to focus solely on the bass scene. He wanted to give fans a more singular sound and style so listeners know exactly what they’re getting into when they listen to the Doc.

With a new look and and a collection of unreleased music, some of which have already been picked up by major labels such as Circus Records and No Copyright Sounds (NCS), the year 2021 is just what the doctor ordered.

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