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Season 3 of Riot Control Radio premieres with RUVLO

To kick off the Season 3 premiere of Riot Control Radio, we have Jon Rualo (better known as Ruvlo) taking over with a guest mix today. This guest mix is absolute fire, and jam-packed with 13 IDs. Take a listen and find the tracklist below.

We sat down and chatted with RUVLO

Who are your biggest inspirations? My biggest inspirations are probably Excision, Zaxx, Peekaboo, Rusko, and Flux Pavilion!

Why did you first get into EDM? My cousin showed me Replica by Afrojack in early 2011 and that was all it took for me to start diving into electronic music as a 13 year old.

Who are your favorite artists and songs right now? Currently, my favorite artists are LYNY, Hairitiage, Matt Doe, Peekaboo, and Heimanu just to name a few. My favorite song out right now is Flow by Nitepunk for sure.

Favorite venue I've played at My favorite venue I've played at so far was probably The Venue in Austin, TX simply because it was my biggest show back in January 2020 right before covid happened. It was about 1000 people. The headlining acts were Svdden Death, Effin, and myself.

Best show I've ever been to Ghostemane. No show I've been to has ever compared to the intensity and energy in that room.

Where are you from? Staten Island, New York- the shittiest borough in all of New York City.

Fun Fact I started making music because I made friends with this kid Greg in highschool, who now goes by "ZAXX". Greg went on to tour with Tiesto during high school and I was like, hey- let me give this a try.

Nickname At this point, even my cousins calls me "Ruv"


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