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Day 2 of Global Dance Fest goes out with a bang

Excision draws massive crowd in first Denver appearance since March 2020.

Cabanas were packed out, pits were spinning and the night sky was lit up in Global Dance Festival's closing day of the 2021 festival.

Filled stages front to back brought out all the headbangers and even a few house heads. Some of EDM's biggest names, including Excision, Tiesto, Deorro, and Getter ignited crowds at Empower Field at Mile High Stadium.

Nearly 1-in-five people were rocking Excision merch, a comfortable sight that set the scene for the night. It was immediately apparent that the Colorado bass family showed out for this event, beginning the night with Brondo and Decadon at the Northern Lights stage.

Midnight Tyrannosaurus took the Northern Lights tent to an aggressive rage. Railbreakers and bass monsters filled the tent even deeper than on day 1, as the Denver resident brought his signature face-melting drops as pits popped off.

Concurrently, Deorro rocked the mainstage with his classic Latin twists that made the crowd dance about. The stage was packed by 7:45 p.m. for his set, which brought major festival vibes and a GA-type crowd that came for the bouncy house.

As one of the stand-out headliners of the weekend, Tiesto brought classic big room energy with his standout hit The Business. Not too long after he took the stage, a sense of anticipation took the crowd who began chomping at the bit for Excision to come on. Before he did, though, Tiesto dropped Avicii's summertime anthem Levels and the sense of positivity and euphoria encompassed the grounds.

With a hardstyle finale, Tiesto shot off the firework arsenal with nearly 60 seconds worth of pyro high into the sky.

Excision took the stage in a loud rumble and came out swinging with the heavy bass. He drew thousands who packed out the Summit Stage below colorful fireworks and a bright production experience.

From dinosaurs to smiling robots, his extensive fan base - both young and old - was woo'd by the larger-than-life visuals. This was Excision's first Denver show since pre-COVID March 2020, and he showed up with tracks that had everyone screaming lyrics before the drop.

As we've come to love with Excision sets, he played out several IDs that have become familiar to the die-hard fans who religiously follow the scene. One stand-out in particular was the high-energy, unreleased High Zombie x Vastive track that sparked a fiery reaction among screams of excitement.

In event that brought heavy acts, Global Dance Festival solidified Denver's place as America's bass capitol. Even after a crazy weekend, if you're looking to get another fix of live music, check out Global Dance's Badlands series at the Church Nightclub every Thursday.

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