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Steller makes waves with eclectic mix on Riot Control Radio 038

Bass music's rising queen just blessed us with her best.

From heavy and wonky bass to groovy vibes, Steller's latest mix for Riot Control Radio is making waves in a sea of sound. On the rise as of late, Steller has been shaking up the bass music scene. She was recently announced as an artist on the EDC Orlando lineup for Nov. 12-14, and will be featured on Peekaboo's Black Hole tour starting in September.

Coming off a hot summer and an appearance at one of dubstep's coolest festivals, Forbidden Kingdom, her music has caught our ear as an eclectic, yet cohesive, selection of tones.

"Every song has its own story in a way," she said. "It just depends on how I was feeling in the moment I sat down to create it. I want people to feel something when they’re listening, whether that’s something positive or cathartic or anything in between."

One of the main goals of her art is to inspire a sense of presence in this fast-paced world we all share.

"I find creative inspiration in many ways," she said. "One of the main ones is through travel. I feel super inspired by world/ethnic music and instruments. Another one is just listening to artists I admire and kind of dissecting what they did in their tracks or messing around with some sound design until I stumble upon something that sparks interest."

She's based out of South Florida, but actually grew up in Greece (okay, we are officially jealous)! We are expecting loads of new music from her -- singles, EPs and even a few possible collabs. You will also be sure to catch the FBI squad at her EDC Orlando set this November.

Stream Steller's full Riot Control Radio mix on Soundcloud or Audius.

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