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Kliptic, Vastive and Later Tonight fam set to eviscerate Baltimore venue with bass

A nuclear-sized Aug. 21 event features nearly their entire roster of talent

Blasting your face with wubs is a specialty of the Later Tonight team.

Based in the east coast, Later Tonight is a record label and artist management firm that just placed the majority of its roster on a nuclear-sized event.

Happening Aug. 21, Later Tonight is swooping in to the 8x10 venue in Baltimore with a lineup that will blow your mind, which includes all but two artists from the Later Tonight Roster.

The event will be co-headlined by Kliptic and Vastive, who have recently emerged as leaders in the bass music scene. Both have releases on Subsidia Records and have been rinsed out by the likes of Excision and other thought leaders in dubstep.

Direct support will be provided by some of the hottest upcomers on the Later Tonight roster: Witch Doctor (who will be playing a birthday set) and RAZR, providing a mix between tearout and melodic dubstep that has led to his tracks being played during some of the most legendary Excision sets.

The rest of the show is supported by three other Later Tonight artists, Cypherize, Thugdub and Bluhtii, who have all been tearing it up at local shows at venues such as The Factory Project in Virginia, and HMAC in Pennsylvania.

The 8x10 venue is special to Later Tonight, as it was where the first Later Tonight show was at, and has been the site for two other Later Tonight shows as well.

The 8x10 itself has been throwing showing for over 40 years, has a 300 person cap, and is the perfect venue for those seeking something in between an extremely intimate venue and a larger building. Be prepared for a night full of some of the most talented artists in the dubstep scene that will leave you hungry for more.

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