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Small-town PA fire department funds the first Fire Lights Music & Arts festival

Looking for fun? Look no further than the 100% non-profit Fire Lights Festival, with camping, arts & music

Fire Lights Festival offers a unique twist from other national events -- all of its proceeds will go to support the Edinboro Fire and Rescue Department. And in a year where fires have already ravaged America, this festival should be on the top of your event lists.

Headlined by Manic Focus and Mersiv, the lineup packs a hefty punch with a variety of artists from all backgrounds and creeds. Check out the full lineup below and be sure to snag your passes here before it sells out.

As a unique, 100 percent non-profit festival, the Edinboro Fire Department is fully funding the festival with all proceeds going to the fire department after the event.

The goal of the Fire Lights Festival is to help raise money for new fire trucks, equipment, and other necessities. Festival Director and Founder Andrew Lehr, detailed that he and Co-Founder Andra Cioca have been putting on shows around the country.

“It’s super busy with concerts all over," said Andra, "We are in this unique area where we are all into it, but there aren't as many festivals in between - it’s something different in the community.”

Now, with Andrew's father being the consultant for the fire department, they decided to turn their attention to the department and the town is very supportive. “The township is all for supporting the fire department," said Andrew. "It doesn’t just benefit the fire department, it benefits the entire town.”

The festival venue is at a crossroads between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Buffalo, New York, and Cleveland, Ohio. This is the first festival of this size at this venue with the fire department, and we are looking forward to supporting the township through music and arts.

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