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Shizz Lo spills all in a sweet, sweet interview with Filthy Beat Inspectors

From an Icelandic music video to chasing down ice cream trucks, we got the scoop on his recent activities.

His favorite flavor of ice cream is The Tonight Dough. He traveled all the way to Iceland to film a music video. And he even started eating ice cream during the interview.

Shizz Lo revealed the inspiration behind his musical creativity in an exclusive, tell-all interview on the Filthy Beat Inspectors Podcast episode 020.

Shizz Lo has been on the come up as of late, morphing into a prominent figure in the bass music scene with multiple releases in 2021 alone. Based in Pennsylvania, he's been featured on labels such as Dim Mak, BBC Radio 1 & 1XTRA, Drama Club Recordings and Subsidia Records.