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Blvk Sheep drops metalesque 'Let Go' with AFTERMYFALL [DUBSTEP FBI PREMIERE]

His 'Dissociated' EP pushes boundaries outside of traditional bass music realms

The Blvk Sheep buzz at the FBI Headquarters encompasses an intrigued tone, as it is exciting to see Blvk Sheep branch off into other avenues of music. Stretching beyond traditional bass music confines, he gave Dubstep FBI an exclusive premiere of his latest track titled Let Go with AFTERMYFALL.

Blvk Sheep has quickly risen in the dubstep spotlight, with recent releases on Subsidia Records and a 14-track remix album of his Dark Matter EP that dropped last year. His latest creation, the Disassociated EP, (dropping Thursday) strikes a different tone than anything he has put out before. The first track (that already dropped) features legendary vocalist Apollo Vega.

Let Go is a heavy metal track; it features elements headbangers have come to admire as of late - screaming vocals, guitar and heavy drums pounding throughout the song.

The tune starts out strong, with AFTERMYFALL quickly screaming over the instrumentals. The lyrics hit hard immediately, emphasizing the need to let go and difficulties of doing so.

"I wrote this song about cutting toxic people from your life and the struggle to let go," said AFTERMYFALL. "We try and hold on to things that were once good but sometimes, the good cannot outweigh the bad. It's okay to let go. It's okay to take steps for self betterment. It may burn at first but overtime, you will find peace from it."

The first track on the EP, Life Sucks, dropped June 30 and features Apollo Vega on the vocals. The song in an instant classic and a true EDM sadboi anthem in this time period when the current generation can feel especially lost after over a year dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and just a general rut in life overall.

The lyrics are bleak, but there is a power behind them that builds with the melody until the drop. One is left basking in the music and realizing that no one will pull you out of a hole in life but you.

Nevertheless, the song's inspirational message encourages one to keep on pushing through the pain, and that even when one is at their lowest, one can always make it out.

"To me this song is supposed to be the thing that catches you at rock bottom, you don’t always need someone to sugarcoat reality and tell you sweet nothings," Apollo Vega said. "Sometimes all you need is to feel brave enough to admit you’re at your lowest point. Then you get to decide how to crawl your way out of that hole.”

Blvk Sheep's ability to capture an array of emotions through these tracks prove why he's one of the most talented artists on our radar right now.

"This EP is important to me because I’ve always loved all the elements that I was able to capture in these songs: heavy metal, sad pop punk, hip hop and electronic music," Blvk Sheep said. "AFTERMYFALL and Apollo Vega did amazing vocal work on both songs and really helped me push the limits.”

Stay locked for the full EP release on all major music streaming platforms this Thursday.

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