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Kliptic's 'Headtop' drops skulls in latest self release

Dubstep FBI premieres the track that's been living rent free in our heads since spring

Grimey and powerful energy emerges from Kliptic's latest self-released track titled Headtop. While the Dubstep FBI have been on the lookout for the filthiest beats, Kliptic has emerged as a key player in the national dubstep scene.

Based out of the East Coast, he's been making waves recently by appearing on labels such as Subsidia Records and Emengy. He's come to be known as a high-energy act recently after playing support for artists like Midnight Tyrannosaurus and his placement on Marauda's upcoming Harrisburg, Pennsylvania HMAC event.

He's collaborated with several hot upcomers such as Vastive, who recently came into the light after winning Kompany's remix competition back in the spring. Kliptic is also part of a collective called Later Tonight, a Mid-Atlantic artist management and promotion company who Dubstep FBI has worked with before.