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Ophelia Records debuts their next generation of rising artists

Advent Volume 3 introduces us to a new cohort of melodic genius

Ophelia Records just dropped a rising artists EP that shines a light on up-and-comers who have the potential to be the new stars of melodic bass. Advent Volume 3 features four melodic songs and two DnB tracks, all from seven artists who have caught the attention of Dubstep FBI's Melodic Division.

MEDZ is the opening act on this volume of the Advent EP with Everything (feat. Meggie York).

MEDZ is a melodic dance duo of two brothers based in Toronto, Canada. The name MEDZ comes from using music as a form of healing and self medication, spurring their tag line "music is the best MEDZ." Their sound is focused on combining uplifting melodies with heart pounding drops and catchy toplines.

Blosso is gaining worldwide attention from Seoul, South Korea; his track is titled Complicated.

He is one of the few Korean bass acts gaining worldwide attention, receiving support from artists such as Illenium, OOKAY and Kayzo. Blosso prides himself on his ability to make songs in a wide variety of genres, keeping audiences pondering what could be next.

The third track is titled Die For by Lydian and Dimibo.

Lydian is the new DnB alias of pytrance duo Dimibo from the Pacific Northwest. Dimibo first came on the scene by winning Insomniac's Discovery Project and playing at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. One of their releases caught the eye of Seven Lions, then they then collaborated with him on a remix of Excision's The Paradox (which is a legendary track, btw).

Lama burst on the scene in 2020 with his track Where Do We Go, which was placed on the Spotify Playlist, Bass Lounge, alongside artists such as Illenium and Seven Lions. Sticking primarily with Future and Melodic Bass, his collab with XIMFNY, continues to paint an audible picture of what he believes in most: hope. XIMFNY is a tattoo artist who sees EDM as a haven where imagination is limitless as to what a person can do with sounds.

Darby's track is titled All of a Sudden.

Darby, the next artist on the EP, is a 20-year-old producer based in Australia. He was named in Your EDM's "Top 40 Artists to Watch for 2021." Known for his colorful and intense discography of upbeat music, Darby also produces tracks for the pop group, Sneaker Kids.

Andromeda by Ian Snow wraps up the EP.

Ian Snow, formerly known as Snowmass, has provided support for artists such as Illenium and Knife Party.

These tracks and producers are setting the standard for modern melodic dubstep. This release will take them into the world as only a release on Ophelia can do. At Dubstep FBI, we will be keeping track of all these artists, and looking out for more groundbreaking material.

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