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An underwater dream: Kayzo b2b Subtronics at Imagine Festival

The FBI opened up an investigation to get the inside scoop on their upcoming b2b

Flash forward: It's you, standing around your best friends, surrounded by underwater world of production and stage design. Your favorite song is playing it's This Time by Kayzo. But wait, your favorite artist is on stage with him it's Subtronics.

No, this isn't a dream; This is you at Imagine Music Festival and it's happening September 17-19.

The diversity of b2b sets makes this year's Imagine Festival one of the most coveted EDM events of 2021. Whether it be the hype surrounding sets that have never been done before, or the mystery behind what this year's mainstage will look like, we took it upon ourselves as the FBI to dive deep into an investigation.

Kayzo and Subtronics have been a match made in heaven ever since they dropped Braincase back in 2019. Kayzo's charming introductions paired with Subtronics' slinky drops left fans dying to hear more collaborations from them.

Recently, the two even hinted at a Braincase VIP on Twitter.

Their effortless blend of styles has left us no choice but to attend any and all back-to-back sets they have on the docket this year.

Kayzo recently posted a photo teasing the VIP collab, so our agents have reason to believe that the track might actually drop some time soon. If anything, it's safe to say we will be hearing it in their upcoming sets.

Fans can expect witty one-liners and metalesque electronica from the Kayzo b2b Subtronics set at Imagine Festival a perfectly blended wave of all the things we love most about EDM.

And one thing's for sure: You definitely won't want your mom to come pick you up from this set.


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