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Shanghai Doom brings the power with ‘Power Generator’ EP on Cyclops Recordings

From start to finish, these Central Jersey natives unleashed their signature experimental bass flair in one of the most impressive EPs so far.

With 3 face-melting solo tunes and a collab with Tsimba, this 2nd EP of the year from Shanghai Doom proves that this is the true breakout year for this experimental bass duo. Since 2017, this duo has been working extra hard to get to where they are now and the last 2 years have absolutely paid off.

Having had multiple releases last year including 'Coconuts' on Bassrush Records and 'Soul Stone EP' on WAKAAN, there is no doubt that they've had some massive releases this year. First, the 'Collision EP' on Underdog Records, then 'Face Snatchers' on Subsidia’s Dusk Vol. 4, last week. The FBI can’t wait to see what else they have cooking for us

I had the chance to sit down with Mike and Shane to chat about the theme of the 'Power Generator' EP and hear what it’s been like being back on the road.

"The EP title was inspired by the vocal on the lead track that says 'broken power generator'", they stated, "The song drops give you the feeling of being inside a tripped out haywire power generator."

Now that shows have made a return, Shanghai Doom has hit the ground running and said it's been "soo fun to finally connect with and meet more people." This past week they made appearances in Las Vegas, Tulsa, and Wichita. Having played all the tracks at least once, they said they had the place going in! We can’t wait to see what else Shanghai Doom has coming for us for the rest of the year and hearing these tracks off the EP this festival season.

If you're looking to melt your face off to one of their live sets - be sure to get your tickets at one of the following events:

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