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OCTANE drops 'Reso Pulse' on Indefinite Recordings

A Dubstep FBI premiere of the latest summer melodic riddim anthem

Emerging as a key figure in the new era of melodic dubstep, OCTANE's latest track has us transported into multiple new worlds of bass. Reso Pulse, just published on Indefinite Recordings, serves as yet another one of the label's unique and complex releases.

The sound design and overall tone of this track solidify OCTANE as as leading figure in the new wave of melodic dubstep.

Based in Washington D.C., OCTANE's debut EP was Digital Ion, released on Halcyon in 2020. On that, he collabed with FBI-favorite Hexagy on Hexane, and had a different release called Bleepware with another Indefinite Recordings member, Cripplingg, on Disciple Round Table.

OCTANE has created a unique and exciting sound that he continues to show through all aspects of Reso Pulse.

Reso Pulse begins by drawing the listener in with a soothing, ethereal introduction, paired with a transition that grows more ominous as it progresses to the drop.

The drop highlights a slightly wonkier sound with melodic passages in between, creating a piece that sticks to music fundamentals such as dynamics and life-like instruments.

Overall, parts of the song are soothing and ethereal, while the rest of it injects enough energy to make us get up and dance.

Reso Pulse cements OCTANE's sound style as futuristic, while maintaining the melodic elements we all love.

OCTANE usually derives titles for songs before starting production. For Reso Pulse, he "felt that the very thin, resonant and sporadic sounding synths utilize[d] in the drops compliment the two words."

OCTANE has big plans for the second half of 2021, saying that while he hasn't played any shows yet, "that's going to change this year." He also stated that he has a "house track with BLVNKSPVCE releasing in the next month, and more names to come."

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