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Relume and Misfit came out swinging on 'Transcend' EP

Dubstep FBI partnered with MDP Records to premiere the first two tracks on the compilation

Dropping tomorrow is an EP we've been anxiously awaiting Transcend on More Drops Please Records. We partnered with their team to give you a sneak peek at two tracks: Can't Go Back by Misfit featuring ChillPanic (the first track on the compilation) and Aphoristic by a rising up-comer, Relume.

These premieres are part of a larger compilation titled Transcend on MDP Records. The full compilation features some of the hottest upcomers in bass music, including UGLY LUNGS (who our street team has been closely watching), EAZLEY (who we saw throw down in Colorado Springs at Rage Fest), DEFEND (who we will be seeing tonight at Beta Events Center in Denver) and