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Nashville's Premier EDM festival, Deep Tropics, announces 2023 lineup.

Artists such as Ravenscoon, Khiva, Redrum, VEIL, and more are set to play the greenest event in the US.

Deep Tropics is one of the most highly-anticipated music festivals in the US, and for good reason. With their commitment to sustainability and a unique lineup that blends different genres and cultures, the event has garnered critical acclaim from music lovers and environmentalists alike. This year, the festival is set to take place August 18-19 at Bicentennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee.

The 2023 lineup is a testament to the festival's commitment to diversity and innovation. Featuring artists from six continents, the performances will take place across three immersive stages, each with its own unique atmosphere.

Full Circle Presents, a group of dance music enthusiasts, are the masterminds behind Deep Tropics. They have created a festival experience that will take your breath away with their inventive site and stage designs, which are sure to elevate the energy to stratospheric levels. Attendees will have the opportunity to take in the downtown Nashville skyline as the festival takes place in the one-of-a-kind Bicentennial Park amphitheater, providing perfect viewpoints of the three immersive stages: the massive, ancient temple-inspired "Meru" stage, the brand new "Lotus" stage, and the "Congo Soundsystem" performance space.

In addition to the incredible music, Deep Tropics is also known for its commitment to sustainability. For the past three years, the festival has produced a carbon-negative event, thanks to the efforts of its non-profit organization Deep Culture, Inc. In 2022, 93% of festival waste was prevented from entering the landfill, and the festival was able to plant 59,000+ trees in Kenya to offset their carbon footprint. This year, the festival is once again striving to be the greenest festival in the United States.

“The line-up this year truly represents a global dance music sound. Growing up in Nashville, it’s a bit surreal to host this level of cultural diversity in a city that is still primarily known for country music,” said Blake Atchison, Co-Founder of Deep Tropics

Beyond the music, Deep Tropics will be offering a full program of pre-parties, daytime events, workshops, and opportunities to connect with fellow music lovers throughout the weekend. And for those who want to keep the party going after the main event, there are multiple off-site afterparty options catering to different musical subgenres.


Mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable weekend of music, art, and sustainability.


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