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DIESEL & Hairitage unleash 'BANG YOUR HEAD' and set festivals on fire

Stretch those neck muscles, and buckle up for a crazy ride – this absolute powerhouse has just dropped the official summer anthem.

Imagine a world where the energy of a Game 7 showdown meets the raw power of bass music. That's exactly what DIESEL brings to the table as he commands moshpits worldwide, leaving a trail of awe-struck fans and rioting crowds in his wake. But hold onto your neck braces because now he's teamed up with dubstep legend Hairitage, and together they have blessed us with their first Monstercat release, 'BANG YOUR HEAD.'

BANG YOUR HEAD is a force not to be taken lightly. From the very first beat, it grabs you by the collar and refuses to let go. With alarming instrumentals and a slow-tempo pace, the track builds up the anticipation until DIESEL's classic vocals kick in, commanding his fanbase to unleash their inner rage.

It's like a secret potion crafted specifically for dubstep enthusiasts craving their daily dosage of earth-shattering bass drops – guaranteed to make your speakers tremble and your neighbors question their life choices.

“Collaborating with the legendary Shaq on our latest track 'Bang Your Head' has been an awesome journey," Hairitage said. "It's been two years in the making, and the creativity that went into this collaboration has been off the charts."

DIESEL's forthcoming debut album, signed with Monstercat, is on the horizon, and BANG YOUR HEAD is just the tip of the bass-filled iceberg. With this explosive collaboration, DIESEL and Hairitage are only getting warmed up as we approach the stacked festival season.

Get those speakers cranked up to eleven and brace yourself for the unleashing of your inner headbanger! BANG YOUR HEAD is about to hit the world like a tornado on a trampoline, and you definitely don't want to be caught napping!


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