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PREMIERE: Listen to the rotten new yvm3, STVG song before it destroys the universe

Both artists are wanted for unapologetically inciting violence within the pits.

yvm3 and STVG

Some music just haunts our souls.

The latest release in the world of tearout is a chilling collaboration from yvm3 and STVG. It's called rot, and it's transporting our souls into a dark dungeon of bass.

FBI agents were called in to investigate this nightmarish song that is quite literally decaying our ears from within.

The artists began their rollout by dropping a teaser on Instagram this past Monday. It was then followed up with a more giving preview of the song atop a puddle of blood-looking visualiser.

Comments immediately coined the clip as "vile," saying it would "melt my intestines."

The people have sparked our ongoing investigation, and we are sharing our first bit of public evidence in the form of this premiere.

And while the public comments have captured emotions of shock, curiosity and doom, our case file has uncovered the true motivations behind the art of these producers.

"rot is a product of myself and yvm3 trying to make the most ignorant, heavy tune possible," STVG said. "Whilst the song does have its own personal meaning to us, I think the beauty of music is that everybody can interpret it in their own individual way."

It's up to the listener to invoke emotions from within themselves. For us, rot peels back the raw aggression we've kept buried deep down.

yvm3 red rocks

The anonymous artist, yvm3, needs no introduction.

We first sensed their presence at SVDDEN DEATH's 2023 Red Rocks show, where their world debut featured no human face. The music spoke for itself amidst an array of lasers and LEDS that stabbed us with shadowy sounds.

Since then, we've seen yvm3 sets at Summoning of the Eclipse, Dubstation Massacre, and more recently, Red Rocks for the second time.

stvg live

STVG is a British artist with a bloody identity.

He uses his art as a device to help people through their own personal struggles, and derives his sound from a life-long infatuation with heavy music. While he's creating some of the heaviest music we've heard, his mission is to translate his past, even if it means triggering emotional turmoil in the process.

Unapologetic: That's the tone of rot. It's also the theme of STVG's piece of advice to aspiring producers.

“Be yourself unapologetically," STVG said. "Make the art that you love in the way that you love making it and try to ignore what others have to say, the rest will happen on its own.”

However you choose to interpret this song is your own business We'll stick to our business of arresting artists who incite violence. And maybe one day, yvm3 will finally be detained.


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