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Dino Shadix's sharp production, hard dance roots emerge via multi-genre Rude Service EP

We are blown away by the production from Dino, one of the hottest young artists out of Europe right now. Oh — and we get a Stryer collab in the EP, too.

We are always on the listen and lookout for music that steps outside the norm — producers creating sounds beside the realm of any genre, while still provoking emotions within us.

One artist who is doing that exceptionally well lately is Dino Shadix. She's a rising female bass artist out of Estonia in Europe.

We've come to love her sound because it does not coincide with the norm. Oh, and she releases a hell of a lot of it too — This is already her second EP in nearly a month.

The Dinosaur Whisperer EP on Rude Service has a recipe for success: It blends tastes of hard dance, dashes festival energy and slices of sharp production.

She's been at work in the kitchen and has cooked up something quite delicious.



The Whisperer

T-Rex Tantrum (with Stryer)

Wanna Go Off

Dino Shadix blends dubstep and hard dance in fresh ways through this release. She said hardstyle was the first genre she was introduced to at the age of 11 years old.

"Dubstep and hardstyle are both faster BPM and can be aggressive, so I figured they fit together perfectly," she said. "The melodies and kicks with dubstep sound design are a great combo.

She said we can expect to hear more "hard dubstep" coming from her in the future.

"Recently I have also been making even more genre blends, such as techno, metal and dubstep."

Her reptilian brand fits perfectly within these soundscapes. Not only are dinosaurs big and aggressive, but her music is too. She's been incorporating other natural sounds found in prehistoric eras such as birds, thunder and rivers that nicely top off her production.

The EP features a rare Dino Shadix collaboration with one of our favorite producers right now, Stryer. Their song, T-Rex Tantrum, is all encompassing — capturing everything we love about summer releases. It's an uplifting slammer with charming, mainstage-notes and head-bobbing melodies.

Stryer told us that he's been blown away by Dino's production this past year and was stoked to incorporate some hard dance elements into the song.

"I started this idea ... and then she absolutely CRUSHED it," Stryer said. "Truly blown away by her production. You can definitely expect more hard dance and dubstep from me as well. I’ve been a huge fan of hard dance for years now and [it's] really fun bringing the style in with my normal production!"

We picture ourselves blasting this one in the car ride up to the mountains.

The third song on the EP called Wanna Go Off actually reminds us of early Space Laces. The near-retro, dance floor elements and groovy builds capture similar bouncy sounds. "Go off," the song says, as it drops into a switch up that tumbles around our headphones with clean screeches and a house-like end.

Yet another set of killer songs released on Bear Grillz's imprint, Rude Service. They are leading the way in elevating rising artists in electronic dance music as a whole right now. We respect what they are doing for the underground and hope to see more young artists release with them in the future.

Dino Shadix will be issued a citation for being a bad ass female bass producer upon her arrival in the States.


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