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DUBSTEP FBI PREMIERE: Hydraulix and Oski have cooked up a 'HAWT' banger

Hydroski is back and we are giving you a first listen to their new collab before it drops on all platforms

Hydraulix and Oski have both been busy cooking up tunes in the lab and they cannot be stopped. These 2 have been best mates for the last 10 years and have dropped several collabs. As the Dubstep FBI, we are lucky enough to have gotten our hands on their latest banger, 'HAWT'. You heard that right folks, we are getting new Hydroski before GTA 6!

This new tasty track will make you scream "THIS IS HAWT" and have your bass face activated the entire time.

Have a listen for yourselves:

With this new banger having been supported by big names like Liquid Stranger and Cyclops - we knew we needed to open a case file. The track definitely passed the speaker test at Hydraulix's most recent set at Mission Ballroom and we knew it was time to give him a citation.

"Working with Oski is always a treat," Hydraulix said. "He’s probs the person I feel most at home with in the studio. Never any judgement and happy to just create whether anything comes of it or not."

With both artists living in Australia, Hydraulix went on to say that he and Oski have been best mates for a while and they're constantly sharing tips with each other. One of their first collabs, 'Grind,' dropped back in 2014 and they also have a track on Disciple, 'Nothing Can Stop Me,' which has garnered over 2 million streams on Spotify.

Hydraulix specifically has always been one to experiment with different sounds and break the norm. He's known for his 'Push Up' remix which got over 300k views on our TikTok

He's got tons of new music lined up and a few shows in the US this summer including a slot at the Bass Ribbons Pines festival in Minneapolis.

Oski, on the other hand, never fails to impress us with his innovative sounds and ability to continue pushing boundaries.

"Working with Hydraulix is alwaus a smooth time," Oski said. "We often ask each other at the start of a session, 'Do we want something ignorant?' and if the answer is yes then we just go silly. And so the basic idea for HAWT came together in the matter of a few hours."

In case you didn't know, Oski recently dropped 2 releases and WE WANT MORE. Our agents will be keeping a close eye on him.

So FBI fam, go give 'HAWT' an early stream or we will arrest you.


We are always listening....

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