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Dustin's Discoveries: OMAS, Awon and Micah Martin release melodic anthem 'The Rage' on NCS

OMAS continued his prolific start to 2023 with yet another cinematic anthem.

This past week on Dustin's Discoveries, our guest Oliver, better known as OMAS premiered his new track The Rage with Awon and Micah Martin.

The California-based producer has started off 2023 with a bang, with three new tracks coming out in the past three months.

The latest one, The Rage, is a fantastic blend of OMAS' and Awon's styles. Not only that, but the vocals from Micah Martin add a rock element to the track.

OMAS told us that he's excited for it to come out, especially with it releasing on NCS which was a big goal for him. He also told us a little bit about how the song came to be.

Awon approached me with the idea a while. He already had the main idea of the track going, and I just wanted to put a little bit of my touch on it and add where I could. It's kind of interesting, it's kind of like a hybrid of dubstep and melodic—but also with Micah's vocals, kind of rock based in a way. Obviously, Micah is just an absolute killer , so once we we approached him with the song, we were so stoked that he vibed with it. He brought so much extra energy to it. I've been playing it out for the last 6 or 7 months, and generally the reactions have been pretty good. It's a little bit more unique than the normal dubstep stuff you hear these days.

The influence that Awon had on the track with his melodic elements was as clear as day. OMAS is known for his cinematic production style—those two, along with Micah Martin's vocals made for a unique track that takes risks while avoiding getting too far out of the lane of dubstep.

To hear more about The Rage, the OMAS project and more about Oliver in general, tune into Dustin's Discoveries on Spotify.


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