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FBI Exclusive: PhaseOne announces new label called Sounds of Mayhem

We have the exclusive interview with label boss PhaseOne whose been planning this for over a year.

When PhaseOne first gave the "announcement before the announcement" last week on Instagram, we didn't know what to think.

"Next week a new chapter starts..." he wrote. This left fans questioning what big move could be coming.

Now, PhaseOne has announced the founding of a new label called Sounds of Mayhem. Not only will he be releasing all of his own music on the imprint from here on out, but it will be focused on sounds that blur the lines between heavy metal and electronic music.

Coming off a gigantic set at Forbidden Kingdom this past weekend, we ran into PhaseOne at the festival + after parties to chat about this new project.

PhaseOne said that he chose Sounds of Mayhem as the name of the label for two main reasons.

"One, because the word mayhem has been a huge part of my brand since I released 'Welcome To Mayhem' in 2017, a song which became a huge turning point in my career," he said. "And two, because it's essentially an extension of the SOM mixes; everything you hear in the mixes going forward is going to be released on the label, almost like a little teaser."

He talked about the parallels between the label and his Sounds of Mayhem mix series (now on episode 4, released last week). He said the mix series originally started as a way for him to showcase unreleased music from he and his friends.

"Seeing as the mixes were all unreleased music, my manager and I then had the thought, 'why don't we sign the music,'" PhaseOne said. "So, the idea of turning it into a label surfaced, and the idea of self releasing all my own music going forward sounded appealing to me."

While the label will be focused on modern rock-and-metal EDM, there will be a wide range of other sub-genres found in upcoming releases.

"The lines between the rock-metal worlds and heavy electronic music are becoming more and more blurred (in such a good way)," PhaseOne said. "Expect a lot of heavy dubstep and riddim, but also dnb and metal. I'll also be releasing all my own music on SOM from here out."

Looking forward, he says the first goal is to make an impact. The label will be focused on quality, rather than quantity, so he told us to expect releases once a month (sometimes twice a month).

"I'm super stoked on the asthetic, its super clean and modern but keeping that metal factor about it."

He told us that the label already has a bunch of EPs from talented producers lined up.

"One goal/passion for me is just being able to put on upcoming artists and giving them a platform to showcase their art," PhaseOne said.

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