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FBI Premiere: Get a first listen of Usaybflow's 'By My Side' feat. g the shep

A sneak peek into the 'In The Wild' EP by our favorite banana man, dropping on Rude Service November 24.

Get a First Listen of Usaybflow's 'By My Side' feat. g the shep

As part of our ongoing mission to bring you the filthiest tunes straight from the FBI HQ, we felt it was our duty to give you an exclusive sneak peek into 'By My Side.'

Featuring vocals from g the shep, this track is a sneak peek into Usaybflow's forthcoming EP, 'In The Wild,' a four-track masterpiece set to drop on November 24, exclusively on Rude Service.

By My Side is a rollercoaster of emotions, blending melodic bass, heavy drops, and even some metal screams - a true crybanger that you won't find anywhere else until its official release.

Listen below before it drops on all platforms:

Usaybflow is no stranger to the FBI's watchlist. With quad-drops, choppy riddim, and collaborations with the likes of AlienPark, Mile32, Blaize, and BLUPILL, he's been on a wild ride these last few years.

Not too long ago, he dropped a guest mix on Riot Control Radio which has surpassed over 230k streams on SoundCloud after this video went viral on TikTok.

You can say that our favorite banana man has been the relentless provider of the daily riddim fix we all crave.

Usaybflow at Escapade

As we gear up for the full EP release on November 24, we caught up with Usaybflow to get a sneak peek into what fans can expect.

"If you ever come to one of my sets, you experience dark and heavy vibes, fun and bouncy tunes as well as melodic bass," Usaybflow said. "This is exactly what this EP encapsulates. I really put my heart and soul into this body of work, and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do."

Crank up the volume, savor the exclusive premiere of By My Side, and get ready to go bananas with Usaybflow – the Dubstep FBI way.

Remember, this Thanksgiving, the only turkey you need is a dubstep feast!


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