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FBI Premiere: Izadi, Iman take our necks with 'No Takebacks' on Space Yacht

Interesting to say No Takebacks and take us back to the 80's. The only thing missing is a DeLorean or else you'd convince us we hopped in a time machine.

Izadi and Iman are releasing their newest banger track, No Takebacks, on Space Yacht Records tonight. We have it a day early for you.

These two have teamed up for a retro adventure in sound reminiscent of Barely Alive. From the jump, the song screams 80's with the synth usage these two use.

The 80's synths do not stop and are present throughout the track, but beyond that, this record has two of the filthiest drops you'll find anywhere in dubstep. The contrast between the soothing melodies of the intro and the metallic sounds in the drop really emphasize just how heavy the song is.

Izadi told us that this is a track that the two have had for a long time and some of his thoughts on it.

No Takebacks is easily the heaviest song on my Levitate EP. Iman and I started this track back in early 2022 and we’re extremely hyped that Space Yacht decided to pick it up for the EP, Izadi said. It’s kind of a change of pace from the other tracks on the EP.

Listen to No Takebacks below for further investigation.


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