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FBI PREMIERE: Senpai reveals empowering dubstep single, 'Reboot,' ahead of release

His recently launched, anime-inspired identity symbolizes the concept of camaraderie in the EDM industry.

In our dynamic world of dubstep, the rising artist Senpai is making waves with a fresh sound that effortlessly merges heavy bass with anime inspiration.

Senpai's latest track, Reboot, is set to hit the airwaves on August 18, marking a bold step forward for the burgeoning artist's new project.

Through this song, Senpai is bridging the gap between his passion for anime and his love for thumping basslines, delivering a sonic experience that speaks to his magical influences.

"Senpai is someone people can look up to and can always ask for guidance or help, and in this industry, that’s rare," Senpai said. "In anime, there are common themes of friendship to overcome your hardest obstacles, and that’s what I’m trying to build on with the Senpai brand. You can’t do this alone and no one should have to, so ask Senpai to notice you."

Even though Senpai is a relatively new project he's venturing into the scene with a unique blend of musical genres. His creative vision shines through collaborations that reflect his versatile approach.

Drawing from his past experiences under the moniker MxM, where he garnered significant support from notable artist like Dack Janiels, Ookay and Herobust, Senpai is carving a new path. He's even hinted at a collaboration with Eater, promising a steep trajectory for the artist.

Reboot encapsulates Senpai's journey of transformation, echoing his transition from MxM to Senpai. His dedication to maintaining trap influences, while embracing new directions, is evident in the pulsating beats and immersive soundscapes.

The track's inspiration stems from the concept of fresh starts and new beginnings, symbolizing Senpai's own artistic evolution. It's not merely a musical endeavor but a testament to Senpai's growth as an artist who's unafraid to embrace change.

Senpai's dedication extends beyond the studio, as he has already made waves in the live scene. With notable performances supporting OG Nixin, Virtual Riot and PhaseOne, Senpai is solidifying his presence in the realm of electronic music.

Now, he's set to take the stage for the Leotrix's "Retro Grade Tour" on October 7, with our friends OneVibe in Fort Lauderdale.

What truly sets Senpai apart is his commitment to the concept of mentorship and camaraderie. Senpai is a figure that people can look up to, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose within the industry.

The name "Senpai" itself invokes a call to action, inviting individuals to seek guidance and acknowledgment—a sentiment that resonates deeply with the anime and music communities alike.

As the curtains rise on Reboot, listeners can anticipate an electrifying track that not only pays homage to Senpai's musical roots but also ushers in a new era of artistic exploration.

Listen to Reboot now on DUBSTEP FBI's YouTube channel or Senpai's Soundcloud.


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