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FBI PREMIERE: We're listening to SQISHI's 'The Gravitron' a day early

Our friend SQISHI is coming out swinging with some slinky riddim this spring.

You may know SQISHI for his insanely catchy collab, Pucker Up (w/ SweetTooth), that is seemingly in every single riddim/trench set we hear now a days.

"Just one kiss..."

But now, SQISHI himself is back with a solo chune — and this time, we got our investigative hands on it a day early.

The Gravitron is a self-release that starts with enamoring vocals sucking us into a euphoric state. They become quicker and mix in with the drop to form a soundscape that stabs our speakers.

Releasing everywhere else on April 21, SQISHI has temporarily quenched our thirst for the next basement banger in this moment.

SQISHI told us that he's about to embark on his first tour, referring to it as "big party time" — which, we would have to agree with. He also said he's been cooking up tunes in the studio.

"I'm about to go on my first tour and that's going to be something I will always remember and just some big party time for the rest of the year," SQISHI said. "Gonna try and get a new EP signed somewhere."

Whether you're listening to The Gravitron on your speakers or your headphones, bump that sh*t on loud.


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