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FBI Premiere: Zak Fallen unleashes a blazing 'Inferno'

Somebody call the fire department, the FBI headquarters have gone up in flames. We'll be invoicing you for the damages, Zak.

Zak Fallen hit us full force with a metal-step tune like a MACK truck full of OTT, we have it early for you to hear. The Inferno will consume you.

This record starts with a metal intro similar to djent music. The influence stays steady throughout the song and adds hints of heaviness to keep you raging from beginning to end.

Zak told us a little bit about what went into cooking up the idea for the record and writing the guitar parts for Inferno.

"This track is an attempt to keep the metal in metalstep. I wanted the guitar to play a core role through the drop. It’s one of the first things I wrote on my 8-string and I think it captures what I love about both genres.”

He also told us about his biggest fan of the track and shared their reaction with us.

"It also made my cat meow at me—I'd call that a winner."

The feline has spoken and so have we. Keep an eye on Zak Fallen for all of the metal and dubstep for the rest of 2023 and beyond.


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