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FelMax and OMAS twist grimy and melodic limits with 'Ultra Instinct'

Subsidia's Dusk Vol. 5 compilation features 11 songs from bass music leaders like YDG, Dubscribe, Stoned Level and more.

Subsidia is back with another compilation of bangers from some of our favorite artists. Dusk Vol. 5 features a selection of 11 tracks that range from aggressive drops to melodic intros, giving us a few more nuggets to keep on repeat as the year begins to wrap up.

A highlight of the compilation is Ultra Instinct by FelMax and OMAS. A transcendental experience, this track presents a vast landscape of sound while still showcasing the classic grime that both artists bring to the table.

The pair of artists, OMAS who is a professional poker player and FelMax who is an anime enthusiast, have grown into some of dubstep's front-running artists this year. They both played Lost Lands and are continuing to move forward with new releases nearly every month.

“Ultra Instinct is a perfect blend of my style and OMAS’s style," FelMax said. "It borrows elements from the heavy melodic sound that OMAS is becoming known for and then slaps you in the face with some head banging, 120 trap."

Ultra Instinct gets its name from one of the most influential animes of all time: Dragonball and it’s sequels. As Felmax says, it’s “named after the alpha and omega, the heavenly father Goku.”

With his recent domination over heavy dubstep, FelMax does not require an introduction. After murdering his Lost Lands set, he took no breaks, releasing The Illest with Godlands on Rude Service‘s Full Stack, Vol. 3 compilation, and R2 with his protégée Veros on Space Yacht’s Big Bass Ting Volume 2 last week, curated by Nazaar. R2 was even added to the Dubstep Don playlist on Spotify, marking another feather in FelMax’s fully fledged cap.

Rising melodic bass music leader OMAS has been growing more and more in the scene. Named one of YourEDM’s “Top 40 artists to Watch for In 2021,” he has gained support from top dogs such as Excision, Bear Grillz and OddProphet. Omas has released four singles on Subsidia, making it into playlists like Bangers and Bass Arcade.

FelMax and OMAS continue to impress, especially with this collaboration's twisting spectrum of sound. As we keep our eye on them for the remainder of the year, we hope to see them perform live again -- perhaps a back-to-back set will be in the works some point soon.

FelMax will be coming to Virginia this month for a show in Dumfries, VA, and reporter Yale Rosin will be on site covering it for Dubstep FBI.

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