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FREAKY splits between melodic & heavy sides on 'Duality'

FREAKY showcases his long-awaited collab w/ High Zombie, in addition to projects w/ Drinkurwater & more.

Between darkness and light, FREAKY captured both sides of the dubstep coin in his latest LP with Subsidia.

FREAKY showed that the album title, Duality, was more than that. The debut LP has some of the heaviest drops of the year, while also showing his versatility as a producer with six melodic dubstep songs and six heavy dubstep tracks.

With nine additional producers teaming up for the project, FREAKY's album shows all it has to offer from him and a plethora of massive up-and-comers. This includes none other than NBA Hall-of-Famer Shaquille "DJ Diesel" O’Neal, among other rising stars in the bass music realm.