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FREAKY splits between melodic & heavy sides on 'Duality'

FREAKY showcases his long-awaited collab w/ High Zombie, in addition to projects w/ Drinkurwater & more.

Between darkness and light, FREAKY captured both sides of the dubstep coin in his latest LP with Subsidia.

FREAKY showed that the album title, Duality, was more than that. The debut LP has some of the heaviest drops of the year, while also showing his versatility as a producer with six melodic dubstep songs and six heavy dubstep tracks.

With nine additional producers teaming up for the project, FREAKY's album shows all it has to offer from him and a plethora of massive up-and-comers. This includes none other than NBA Hall-of-Famer Shaquille "DJ Diesel" O’Neal, among other rising stars in the bass music realm.


Attention - FREAKY x High Zombie

Bleed Blood - FREAKY (feat. GLNNA)

Backbreaker - FREAKY x DJ Diesel

Different - FREAKY x O.M. (feat. GLNNA)

Engage - FREAKY

Beep Boop - FREAKY x Drinkurwater

Wide Awake - FREAKY (feat. Diandra Faye)


Back in Time - FREAKY x Perry Wayne (feat. Dani)

Rubberbands - FREAKY x Chassi

Never - FREAKY x O.M. (feat. GLNNA)


The Charlotte-based producer’s debut album takes the listener on a journey of over 12 tracks. Starting off with an attention grabber... the song we have been patiently waiting for, Attention.

This is a highly sought after collaboration with one of bass music's rising stars, High Zombie. This opening track caught our ears last year as a highly played ID at festivals all over the United States in 2021.

Both FREAKY and High Zombie's styles melt together perfectly with a flowy, yet heavy, drop that has us moving and grooving while simultaneously breaking necks.

Another key track on the album is his collaboration with Atlanta-based producer, Drinkurwater. The riddim track, Beep Boop, starts with a signature two-step feel and has the signature “kick-clap” sound, rather than snares.

Before the buildup starts, a sample of UFC announcer Bruce Buffer saying “It’s Time!” is played, and Buffer could not be more on the spot.

As we arrive at the drop, the two producers combine for a bouncy drop which is accompanied by some wicked sustain basses that Marauda would be proud of.

With superstars like Excision supporting both the High Zombie collab and Beep Boop, we have been set up for an incredible festival season filled with bass.

However, not every track on the album is a headbangers anthem. The album, Duality, truly does encompass the flip side of the coin with half of the tracks being melodic dubstep.

FREAKY's range as a producer is highlighted through these 12 songs.

“This is my evolution, this is my Duality,” FREAKY said. This was the message he wanted to send - and he delivered.

This was incredibly evident on his collaboration with CRVNTIS, called Hide N Seek.

The track starts with some ethereal chords behind the vocals. After we reach the finish of the build and vocals, the track goes into a melodic dubstep drop that sounds influenced heavily by Seven Lions.

But, there are no conclusions as the track progresses into a second drop that builds perfectly off of the first and comes packed with a little bit of an extra punch. This track captured some of the best of FREAKY’s abilities as a melodic dubstep producer.

The journey behind this LP encompassed the past three years of his life.

“This album is a direct representation of who I have become as an artist and a man.”

This rings true as FREAKY had a heartfelt message to his fans: “This one is for you guys!”

Duality is here to stream now on all platforms.


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