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From zero to hero: Nvadrz release 'Made From Nothing Meant For Nothing EP' on Disciple Round Table

The invasion is coming...

NVADRZ released their highly anticipated follow up Disciple Round Table EP, Made From Nothing Meant For Nothing, out now on all platforms.

The EP is a masterclass in production, fusing the genres of punk rock, nu-metal and grunge with bass music to create a unique four track project featuring a collab with rising star VRG.

NVADRZ has been on a tear in 2023 with a Control Freak collab among many others. He was also featured on the New Breed Remixes for Kayzo with his remix of BOTTLE OF RAIN.

The first three tracks are mind-bending dubstep and the final track, Underpaid and Underloved is an adventure in heavy drum n' bass, an under-appreciated part of NVADRZ production abilities.

NVADRZ is one of the few producers in the scene that does everything quite well, as evidenced by his expansive discography that showcases his production chops from trap all the way to drum n' bass, and we can't wait to see what is next from the producer.

Stay tuned for further investigations into NVADRZ and Disciple Round Table.


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