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Heaters only: Subsidia stacks 'Night' 8 with all the homies on one comp

From ANTIHERO to YDG, this Night release features nearly a dozen FBI alumni, as well as a few newcomers to the label, too.

We have come to know and love Night compilations as our favorite delivery method of dirty dubstep. Over the last two years, they've dropped countless bangers that have become some of dubstep's modern-day, holy grail songs.

Now, Night is back in its eighth edition — and the Subsidia team has spared no one.

The release features "all the homies," with songs from FelMax x ANTIHERO, BERNZIKIAL, VOYDOOM x Bleaubeard, Chassi, Frantik, DOIL, Blaize x Daze Off and more. It's clear that the Subsidia team has an eye on up-comers, as this serves as the first label release for a few of the artists on this compilation.

And while Bass Canyon and Lost Lands are still a summer away, our insatiable thirst for dubstep is now temporarily quenched.

FelMax and ANTIHERO's latest collab, Black Meteorite, has been rinsed out on the PK sound systems for months now by Excision. Everyone knows it as the song with the pre-drop vocal that snatches souls: "I pulled the sword from the stone..." it says, before the Earth-shattering Excision visuals drop into it, "you can't kill."

The Voydoom x Bleaubeard collab, ALT, features grit and a blood-sucking tone, along with a drop that refuses to let our bass face subside. This serves as the first time for both artists to release on Subsidia.

"Made this song as a WIP for fun just to fill out some spaces in the library and found myself collaborating with another heavy artist, [Bleaubeard]," Voydoom said. "Had so much fun making this one and it's really expressing energy with melodic feel, mixed with dark vibes."

Bleaubeard said that this Subsidia release means a lot to him.

"It’s a dream come true," Bleaubeard said. "Hard work is finally paying off. And it’s even more special because all the homies are on this comp. Overall, I’m beyond happy and excited. Huge shoutout to Excision and to the Subsidia fam."

Another familiar tune on the compilation is Pull Up On Me by Blaize and Daze Off. This one has us nodding our heads and scrunching our faces at the beat.

"Man, this song has been rinsed repeatedly throughout this last year and it goes off every single time!" Blaize said. "We are so incredibly happy that it’s finally coming out and on Subsidia at that!"

If you were lucky enough to catch the legendary Excision B2B Sullivan King set at Lost Lands 2022, you may recognize Leveled Up by BERNZIKIAL. This highly anticipated release has been making waves in the basshead community, and for good reason — it's an absolute banger that takes things to the next level.

"This track means a lot to me because this past year I felt like I was 'leveling up' by hitting all my goals," BERNZIKIAL said. "This year is going to be the time everything I’ve manifested and worked on comes to reality."

With the compilation featuring songs from our other homies VRG, VLCN, Prismatic, Kliptic, Morf, Joof, Cart Blank, Brunchbeatz and more, we recommend you sit down with your headphones on high volume and listen front to back. Sorry, neighbors.

Oh, and we might just have a special Riot Control Radio episode next week featuring one of the artists mentioned in this article. Stay locked. ;)


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