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Hell on Earth: Eptic brings his first-ever live visual set debut to Mission Ballroom Nov. 25

He's stacked the lineup with Blanke, MUST DIE!, Spass b2b Dum Dum, Automhate and Algo

For the past eight months, Eptic has been animating and designing his visuals for his upcoming Mission Ballroom set. As the date quickly approaches, the Mile High City is preparing to be blessed with what will be the biggest headline show in Eptic history.

One thing is for sure: Denver headbangers know an epic event when they see one. We've been hearing nothing but buzz on socials surrounding the event happening Saturday, November 25.

Even SVDDEN DEATH tweeted that he will be in attendance, "I am going to micheal dubs dubstep display spectacular and u should too !!!"

Not only will the event feature Eptic's handmade visual set debut, but it's stacked with thirst-quenching support as well. The full lineup features sets from Blanke, MUST DIE!, Spass b2b Dum Dum, Automhate and Algo. We're expecting a massive LED wall and some eye-dazzling production, too.

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW and we are expecting this show to sell out.

Eptic posted a sneak peek at the visuals he's been making for his Mission Ballroom show.

"For the past 8 months i've been animating/designing my visuals for Mission Ballroom in between shows," Eptic said on Twitter. "Around 45 - 50 visuals for individual songs and an all-Eptic set, all animated in old, cursed, video game-style."

He went on to say that the terms "visual" and "time-coded" get thrown around a lot, but that he's often disappointed when he sees corny CGI over and over again. Regarding an artistic approach to visuals, he has always admired Eprom and G Jones and has been taking inspiration from them for his own shows.

"I sat down and decided to not compromise on anything and just try and make the best art I can, the same way I approach music," Eptic said. "Really excited... :)"

This will be the first Spass b2b Dum Dum set the Mile High City has ever seen. This comes off a legendary, hotter than hell set from Spass in the cave at Summoning in October.

"All I’m gonna say, is if you’ve ever wanted to see a Dum Dum set this is your last chance. Been making tons of new stupid ass music for this," Neonix said.

That's all we have to say, folks. Grab your tickets before it's too late.


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