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High Zombie switches gears with latest 'Break My Bones' EP

Showcasing even further musical expansion, this latest release fractures fans and what might have been expected.

The Filthy Beat Inspectors are always listening and on the lookout for the latest heavy-hitting beats in the bass music community. Recently, the walls of our departments have been housing agents who are on the lookout for something more...something different.

Denver-based producer High Zombie has been making some massive waves in the later part of this year with releases on some massive labels such as Welcome Records and Rude Service. Even this year's EDC Las Vegas was blessed to have a set provided by the zombie man himself as well as other massive names in the industry.

Having a musical background in metal drumming has certainly provided this young talent with the knowledge and natural skills to consistently prove his musical arsenal is endless. From fan-favorites like 'Deaths Door', 'Backlash' and even 'Enemy', the route taken with this EP provides the same level of intensity as these hitters but with a different twist.


The title track Break My Bones starts us off with the more fast-paced feeling of a hybrid track with roots in Drum n' Bass as well as Speed House. A real melodic feeling backed by echoing vocals start this one off by taking listeners on a real journey then sling-shotting their senses with an intense kick and bassline throughout the remainder of the song. This is a prime example of not knowing what to expect but at the same time being exactly what we needed.

"I wrote Break My Bones EP during a time when my mom was sick - we had a lot of history together and upon receiving this news it put me into a depressive state where I didn't have much drive to write my normal trap and dubstep music."

I've always been one to believe that there has to be some sort of meaning or purpose behind the work someone puts out there, especially work that could potentially draw praise as well as criticism from others. Hearing this and the strength High Zombie has drawn to pull through an undeniably difficult situation only makes this EP that much more truly appreciated by myself and others.

The second track titled 'Way Too Loud' has the pace tuned down just a bit, yet the energy is still brought by providing ethereal bass that takes fans on a continued journey started by the title track. Again this is a piece of work that differs from his past pieces that have appeared on other labels like Subsidia, but the result has been astonishing. Melodic bassheads and headbangers alike can each take something that appeals to both preferences.

"I took that period of time where I suffered from my depression spike and attempted to write an entirely new style of music, challenging both my creativity and production processes."

With the year coming to an end, expect 2022 to be a platform for the exponential growth that is imminent for this talented and young musician. The mountain high city truly does belong to the High Zombie.


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