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Illenium delivers massive 45-track remix album: ILLENIUM (Remixes)

Experience Illenium's fifth iconic remix album, featuring over 50 collaborative artists.

Illenium delivers massive 45-track remix album

Behold – the official ILLENIUM Remix album is here.

In this grand 45-track compilation, Illenium invited a surplus of collaborators to join him on his fifth remix album, including well-renowned DJs we know and love in addition to newly up-and-coming artists. The diversity of genres in this album is remarkable, and we here at Dubstep FBI have inspected our top remix picks.

Considering we’re Dubstep FBI, it’s a given to start with the Dubstep bangers. Coming in hot are the You Were Right Remixes from both Kill the Noise and Stryer.

Kill the Noise hits us with absolute wubs and dubs, while Stryer’s remix comes in for the ultimate kill. Stryer played out his remix at his Lost Lands set last weekend, leaving the crowd in shambles.

Stryer quotes:

“This remix for Illenium is so special. He’s been my biggest inspiration for so many years and truly the reason I started making music. Very grateful for the chance to put my twist on this already perfect song!”

Up next on the list we selected the Starfall Remixes from our friends VLCN and Trivecta. VLCN kicked off this track with an intense build-up, leading into a laser-beaming drop and a surprising Crawl Outta Love sample added. Nonetheless, Trivecta executed this remix using his notable enchanting bass chords paired with a menacing drop.

VLCN shares:

“Illenium's music is one of the main reasons I ever got into producing, having him supporting my music then to have this opportunity to do the remix for him is beyond full circle.”

VLCN at Lost Lands 2023

Other picks from the Dubstep category are from the almighty Caster Nothing Ever After Remix and the queen, Jessica Audiffred, From the Ashes Remix. The Riddim-pulverizing Nothing Ever After remix from Caster defeats us, having the world come to an end.

In the From the Ashes Remix, Jessica keeps the melodic tone going with an energetic color-bass drop, then quickly follows up with a jaw-dropping twist.

“Making this remix was so special to me cause it’s one of my fav Illenium songs, I wanted to respect the melodic side to it but also add a cool dubstep drop so I can play it at festivals. I think both drops represent the vibe I wanted to achieve with this remix,” said Jessica Audiffred.

More top picks to highlight are bread-winning remixes of Back to You from Rsycu, Awon, and Youth in Circles. Named as the official winner for Illenium’s Back to You Remix competition, Ryscu came in with a unique approach, spinning it with a catchy, fast-paced DnB version.

On the other hand, Awon revamped this track with a razor-sharp hitting bass, while Youth in Circles maintained its lightheartedness with a feel-good style.

Youth in Circles shares:

“This is totally a dream to me, when I started making music I never imagined that I could make a remix for 2 of my all time favorite artists . I remember listening to 'So wrong, It’s Right' by All Time Low and some years later to Illenium’s 'Ashes'. Both albums had a great impact on me. Remixing 'Back to You' is a full circle to me, I hope it resonates with everyone in the electronic and pop punk community."

Lastly, our final picks from the epic ILLENIUM Remix album are Luv Me a Little (LINEAGE Remix), Eyes Wide Shut (Culture Code Remix), and Worst Day (Nikademis Remix). All of these artists innovated these tracks with a lively, spirited energy, bringing in a new feeling to the listening experience.

The highly anticipated Worst Day Nikademis Remix was dropped at Illenium's iconic Trilogy show in Denver over the summer.

Once again, Illenium strikes back with another exceptional remix album. With over millions of streams from just the past weekend, Illenium has made an impact on his fans and the fellow artists featured on this album.


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