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Industry bass leaders Flux Pavilion, Excision live 'On Forever' with a surprise release on Circus

The two legendary artists finally come together after 15 years of friendship with their first-ever official collaboration featuring Saint Raymond.

Long ago in the land before time (the '00s), bass legends, Flux Pavilion and Excision commenced their music careers.

Both artists have come a long way in their journeys, seeing the genre they encountered evolutionizing to its many forms.

Now, 15 years of friendship later, it is now safe to say they have finally came out with an official release together, it's called On Forever feat. Saint Raymond, on Circus Records.

This release was unexpected, yet a pleasant surprise the bass lovers were longing for, with Flux and Excision hinting it through X the other day.

Given both of these artists have been in the game for over a decade, we all know it has been long overdue for this collaboration, so why now?

Flux responds with honesty, answering,

“After nearly 15 years of friendship it feels like it’s probably about time we write some music together," Flux Pavilion said. "When I first heard the vocal from Saint Raymond, I knew it was destined for an anthemic banger and it was an honor to build that with Excision. It’s hard to say why it’s taken us this long to work together, Jeff was one of the first people to sign my music before it all blew up so there is real history there. These things happen when they feel right, and this feels perfect”.

Effortlessly combining colorful basses with vibrant elements, On Forever conveys a deep emotion, signifying the feeling of joy to celebrate how far they have come. Pairing Saint Raymond’s vox with this tune is a true fit to represent the triumph of each others’ lives. As a result, the track brings tears to the eyes, saving and inspiring the community once more.

Excision continues to dominate the industry with his Nexus tour being the hottest topic in the EDM community. Excision had a massive response from his Thunderdome stop having a shocking B3B with Marshmello + SVDDEN DEATH and showing up with jaw-dropping visuals.

Who knew Country Riddim and Shrek could ever be a perfect match?

Flux Pavilion on the other hand is all set in motion for his tour starting in March, making appearances in Calgary, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Kansas City and more. In addition, Flux has been on a track record of collaborations, with his most recent release Dawn with Eliminate. Who knows what else Flux might have up his sleeve?

The two bass warriors have come a long way in their music journeys, colliding their strengths to produce a celebratory banger. Excision and Flux Pavilion have set a strong example in the community with their legacy continuing to live On Forever.

Stream On Forever OUT NOW!


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