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'Isolate' in the gym with the new FOCUSS EP

FOCUSS is fresh off his second Lost Lands, while finishing 2023 off strong with ‘Isolate,’ comprised of three new tunes on Rude Service.

FOCUSS is paving a real pathway for himself on Rude Service with huge, back-to-back EP releases this year. Rude Service is an independent record label founded by Bear Grillz in 2021.

Tyler Barton, also known as FOCUSS, is a producer from Philadelphia who currently resides in Los Angeles. He's carved his own path in the world of dubstep, with insane releases such as the Crazy In The Head EP that dropped back in January.

Now, he's satiating our thirst with three new tunes.

FOCUSS dips into all of his musical prowesses throughout the ‘Isolate’ EP, including elements of heavy dubstep, trap and halftime-style bass music.

"I wrote these tracks all in a very short time span and they all came together very effortlessly for me," FOCUSS said. "I experimented a lot with new sounds and techniques, and stepped out of my comfort zone a bit. I’m super happy with how everything turned out and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did writing it!"

The introduction track, titled Stimulate with Future Exit will be pushing headbangers and gym-goers to maximum reps.

Fans of FOCUSS’s more trap-heavy and deep-dub style will love the track Dissociate.

Listeners are also able to hear the classic FOCUSS-style, which includes thick, neck-shattering sound design in the EP’s closing track, Terminate.

The bass design is truly infectious throughout the entire EP.

FOCUSS’s Isolate EP on Rude Service is sure to gain huge support from some of the biggest names in dubstep today – and should certainly be in your playlist.


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