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PREMIERE: JulezP and Nico Oso's 'OMNI' drops a day early

Be the first to experience the euphoric journey of 'OMNI', ahead of its official release on all platforms.

JulezP and Nico Oso, two up-and-coming producers, have collaborated to create an explosive high-energy trap banger, 'OMNI.' The track, which features cutting-edge live record scratches and epic drums, is set to be released on April 14th by TSUNAMI R3CORDS. However, the Dubstep FBI is blessing you with an exclusive first listen.

OMNI is a cinematic masterpiece that takes the listener on a thrilling journey with three unique drops. The track opens with anticipation-building cinematic instrumentation and epic drums that will make your heart race. As the build progresses, the "throw your hands up" lyrics add to the frenzy, creating an electric atmosphere that will have you on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the energetic drop.

"I always wanted to create a cinematic experience that would blow away the audience and set the tone for the rest of the show," said JulezP. "We really pushed each other in the studio to make each drop better than the last."

The second drop is dedicated to all bassheads, as the track progresses, building up the anticipation for the third and final drop. OMNI was produced and recorded in the Philadelphia studio of TSUNAMI R3CORDS and mastered by COMPUTA. JulezP and Nico Oso's collaboration has resulted in a euphoric and dynamic soundscape that showcases their unique talents.

"The creative inspiration for OMNI came from us just trying to push boundaries in the studio," said Nico Oso. "We wanted to challenge ourselves to combine sounds together in a way that hadn't been done before."

JulezP is an American producer and DJ from Boston based out of Philadelphia, known for his high-energy and crowd-engaging live sets. Nico Oso, the "Prince of Philly," is a multi-talented DJ, personality, and recording artist, captivating crowds of more than 18,000 fans every weekend as the official DJ for the Philadelphia Union MLS Soccer team.

OMNI will be out on all platforms on April 14:

Get ready to be blown away by this cinematic high-energy trap track that will leave you wanting more.


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