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Kannibalen Records strikes back with 9 new Apashe Remixes

Another adventure in philharmonic bass is here, as the I Killed the Orchestra remix pack features songs from Sullivan King, Effin, Nitepunk & more.

Apashe and Kannibalen Records have done it yet again, with the highly anticipated remix pack of the I Killed the Orchestra EP, featuring spinoffs by Sullivan King, Effin, Nitepunk, LEVEL UP and more.

The Belgian producer, Apashe, is well known for his creative sound that incorporates a live orchestra into trappy styles. With international recognition, he continues to touch ears via festival circuits and chart-topping hits.

As the highly anticipated remixes roll out into the world, we've compiled our thoughts on the nine-track remix pack, song by song, at first listen.

Witch (Nitepunk 'Broken' Remix)

This take is an adventure in downtempo that provides all the trap influence and breakbeats one could ever want. It provides an incredibly strong start with masterful production from start to finish.

Witch (Born Dirty Remix)

This remix is a creative house track that has us in a trance every second as the song plays out.

Time Warp (LEVEL UP Remix)

In this take, we get some melodic music from LEVEL UP -- a stark contrast to the usual heavy dubstep we're used to from her. It is a welcomed change as the airy synths mesh perfectly with Sami Chaouki's vocals and the cinematics that Apashe has been known for for many years.

Time Warp (Tom Finster Remix)

We get some dark sounding neuro drum and bass! This one had us moving from start to finish. Shades of Noisia on this one. Wow.

Never Change (Sullivan King Remix)

This song encapsulates the signature sound of Apashe's orchestra, alongside the metal influences in Sullivan King's music. We also get screams and filthy guitar riffs. This is the remix we never knew we needed, but absolutely did need.

Never Change (The Caracal Project Remix)

This song features a unique take on the original as The Caracal Project delivered yet again, with an absolute breakbeat honker.

Never Change (Acoustic)

YMIR and Apashe took their take on the original track and delivered a chilling rendition of the dark and bassy original.

More More More (Effin Remix)

Effin certainly delivered with his signature proficiency in top-notch production and masterful philharmonic dubstep track with absolutely massive drums.

More More More (Sully Remix)

The last remix on the pack is a strong one with yet another virtuoso performance in downtempo music by Sully, who is known for doing exactly that. The bass is Earth shaking.

We thoroughly enjoyed hearing the unique renditions of I Killed The Orchestra throughout the remix pack, and we'll be revisiting many of them.


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