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Kartypartyy & Micah Martin team up on rocktronic anthem, 'Everything'

The essence of the new song on Welcome Records is about sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears.

Thai DJ and producer Kartypartyy's latest release with Micah Martin tells the story of finding his place in the industry. Everything, signed to KAYZO's Welcome Records, is the latest vocal, rocktronic anthem to hit sound waves.

The song starts out with iconic Micah Martin vocals that capture a sense of motivation. Melody turns into a slapping drop at the 1-minute mark, with a switch up nearly half-way into the tune. Concluding with another set of emotional vocals, Everything crescendos into the speakers.

"It was my first time working with an American vocalist and I could not have chosen a better partner than Micah," Kartypartyy said. "Micah and I wanted to create a song to emphasize our struggles. We both have so much to give and want to prove that we belong in the industry."

Kartypartyy and Micah Martin are no strangers to Welcome Records. Kartyparty has a previous release called GAME ON via the Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 3, and Micah Martin was featured on several iconic KAYZO songs, including OVERLOAD and Holy (with SLANDER).

"This song is about pouring your heart and soul into what you love," Micah Martin said. "Working through sleepless nights and secreting your own blood sweat and tears into your passion.”

With seemingly endless traction as of late, Kartypartyy has been playing shows around the world. He spent summer in Europe and played a few shows in places like Belgium and even the Caribbean island of Martinique. He was also seen hanging backstage at Tomorrowland with Jauz.

"Everything is about exactly that, giving everything to prove we belong. All the blood, sweat, and tears we put into this, and not allowing anyone to break our stride," Kartypartyy said.

Streaming now on all platforms, listen to Kartypartyy - Everything (feat. Micah Martin).


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