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Karyuu's utopian sound creates a dreamscape on Riot Control Radio

The Hungarian producer proves why future riddim is here to stay

From metallic drops to vibrant transitions, Karyuu's set on Riot Control Radio just transported us into a utopian world. His ability to create a euphoric, almost dreamy atmosphere within his tracks makes him one of the hottest upcoming producers on our radar. Loaded with five Karyuu IDs, and a few from his producer friends like Hexagy and Papa Khan, we were head noddin' the entire way through this set.

With recent releases such as his Anarchist Cookbook EP on Railbreakers and tracks like What To Say with Barney Soon, he has solidified a unique place in the international scene. In between cranking out tracks each more intriguing than the last, we caught up with him to learn more.

"[I'm inspired] by almost everyone who does unique stuff," Karyuu said. "I always love music that is a bit different. I would say Skrillex, Fox Stevenson, and a non-edm one called Paddy and the Rats."

He grew up with a family of musicians, so it was obvious for him to be an EDM producer -- he also plays guitar and piano. The standout place he's played is an open-air venue called Barba Negra Track at Budapest.

We were also impressed to hear him shout out Kozmoz x Oolacile's AUTONETIC as his favorite song right now. The FBI is keeping an eye out for more from Kozmoz in the coming months...

If you haven't already, check out Karyuu's collab with Hexagy entitled Dark Light. Honestly this is still one of our favorite songs and reminds us of summer 2020 vibes. Check out Karyuu's track list for Riot Control Radio down below.

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