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Dubstep FBI's best of 2022: Music, labels, brands, venues + more

From outstanding albums to community-oriented brands, our team has selected its top picks of the year.

The FBI's picks are here. It's been a whirlwind year full of artist growth, the explosion of the underground, new labels, new brands, social media controversy and so much more.

Thousands of artists released music and we did lots of investigating. Shoutout to the labels and artists who premiered music with us, and to those who allowed us to tell their stories through articles.

This annual list includes our top 10 albums/EPs, remixes, brands, labels, venues, mixes and a few bonus categories dedicated to strictly drum 'n bass (because we are the DnB Detectives, after all).

There are a couple of honorable mentions in each list, too.

Happy listening! Let us know what you think on social media.


The FBI's Top Brands of 2022

These were the stand-out creatives and promoters who were true to the FBI mission of elevating artists in 2022.


The FBI's Favorite Venues of 2022

We investigated venues across all of North America in 2022. These were a few of our favorites that we visited.

Mission Ballroom in Colorado

TK Lounge in Tampa

Mtelus in Montreal

Maps Backlot in Florida

Exchange LA in California


The FBI's Top Labels of 2022

We investigated hundreds of record labels this year, old and new. These were a few of our favorite.


The FBI's Favorite Mixes of the Year

Just like everyone else, we love a good mix. These were some that we blew out our speakers to in 2022.

Honorable Mentions:


FBI's 2022 songs of the year

Our top tracks of the year were tunes that had us singing our hearts out and headbanging with our friends. These were the songs that brought energy into our work days and helped us let loose on the weekends.

The Sickness - Kayzo, Ghøstkid (Welcome Records)

Watch - Vastive (Rude Service Records)

Supersonic - Carbin, DirtySnatcha (Boss Records)

Never Be The Same - Jessica Audiffred, Sara Benyo (Bassrush)

Detonate - Eptic, HOL! (Overlord Music)

Incoming - LAYZ, RZRKT (Bassweight Records)

Ground Shake - Crankdat, Bandlez (Disciple Records)

Turn On The Lights - Kill the Noise, Trent Monroe, JUST DUE, Spencer Ludwig (Ophelia Records)

Cappin - LOUIEJAYXX (Subsidia Records)

Restraint - Wooli, Calcium (Bassrush Records)

Honorable Mentions:

Fuck Around - Barely Alive (Disciple Records)


FBI's best remixes and VIPs of 2022

Who doesn't love a good remix or VIP? Looking at you, Subtronics. Here were some that stood out above the rest this year.

Skanka VIP - Hamdi (Self-Released)

Gassed Up (VIP) - Subtronics, Zeds Dead, Flowdan (Cyclops Recordings)

T'd Up (The Frim Remix) - Protohype, IFN Akai, The Frim (Underdog Records)

dashstar* (VIP) - Knock2 (Nightmode)

Runaway (U & I) (Subtronics Remix) - Galantis, Subtronics (Big Beat Records)

All Through the Night (ROSSY Remix) - Juelz (Lowly)

Cheatcode (Stoned Level Remix) - Black Tiger Sex Machine, Hairitage, Hyro the Hero, Stoned Level (Kannibalen Records)

Without You (Ray Volpe Remix) - Kill the Noise, Seven Lions, Julia Ross, Ray Volpe (Ophelia Records)

I Will Stay (Draeden Remix) - Flux Pavilion, Turin Brakes, Draeden (Circus Records)

High (Crankdat Remix) - The Chainsmokers, Crankdat (Disruptor Records/Columbia Records)

Honorable Mentions:


FBI's Favorite Albums and EP's of 2022

There were hundreds of albums and EP's under investigation this year. These ones are still fresh in our memories.

Simp Sauce EP - Frantik (Disciple Round Table)

High Vaultage EP - Space Laces (Never Say Die Records)

NEW BREED - Kayzo (Welcome Records)

Feel the Panic EP - Barely Alive (Disciple Records)

Fractals - Subtronics (Cyclops Recordings)

Galaxy EP - Franky Nuts (Disciple Records)

VOYD II - SVDDEN DEATH (Self Released)

End of the World - Eptic (Overlord Music)

Embrace - Kill the Noise (Ophelia Records)

Watch EP - Vastive (Rude Service Records)

Honorable Mentions:



The FBI's Favorite Singles of 2022:

If it was at 174 bpm, we probably heard it. Here were our favorite tracks in drum n' bass this year.

Climbing the Walls - Fred V, Paul Dowling (Hospital Records)

Running Wild - Wiguez, Vizzen, Maestro Chives (NCS)

State Lines - Hybrid Minds, Birdy (Hybrid Music)

Run Dat - Selecta J-Man (Copyright Control x Born On Road)

Out of My Head - 1991, Cherryade (Self-Released)

Move Together - REAPER (Bassrush Records)

Better Than Gold - Justin Hawkes, Andrew Hellier (Pilot Records)

Horizon Lines - Trivecta (Ophelia Records)

Bad for You - IVORY, Hammerhead, Dani King (Monstercat)

Deep Blue - Kanine, Gracie Van Brunt (Unleashed Records)

Honorable Mentions:


The FBI's favorite DnB remixes/VIP's of 2022:

These were our favorite remixes in drum 'n bass this year. We got new takes on newer tracks, but also got a few fresh takes on some classic anthems.

Gold Dust (Fox Stevenson Remix) - DJ Fresh, Fox Stevenson (Breakbeat Kaos)

messy in heaven (Alcemist Remix) - venbee, goddard., Alcemist (Sony Music UK)

Move Your Body (Hedex Remix) - Öwnboss, Sevek, Hedex (Musical Freedom Label)

Bass (Teddy Killerz Remix) - A.M.C., Teddy Killerz (Titan Records)

Miss You (Georgie Riot Remix) - Oliver Tree, Georgie Riot (Atlantic Recording Corporation)

Miss You (Solomon France Remix) - Fox Stevenson, Solomon France (Disciple Records)

Don't Forget the Dots (Gydra Remix) - A.M.C., Gydra (Titan Records)

Máquina (Kumarion Remix) - Boombox Cartel, Kumarion (Monta/CMG)

Nothing Left (Bensley Remix) - Eliminate, XAELO, Bensley (NIGHTMODE)

I'm Good (Blue) (REAPER Remix) - David Guetta, Bebe Rexha, REAPER (Warner Music UK Limited)

Honorable Mentions:


The FBI's Favorite DnB EP's and Albums of 2022:

These were our favorite albums and EP's from the drum n' bass world. We gunfingered our hearts out on car rides to these albums all of 2022.

Half Life - Grafix (Hospital Records)

Sequel - Culture Shock (RAM Records)

Cognition - Wilkinson (Sleepless Music)

DISRUPTOR LP - REAPER (Bassrush Records)

Critical Damage EP - Teddy Killerz (Eatbrain)

Unfold - IMANU (Deadbeats)

Closer - Noisia (Vision Records)

Junk Box - Gydra (Neuropunk Records)

Light Work EP - Bastion (UKF)

Honorable Mentions:


There you have it, our top selections of the year from the dubstep and drum 'n bass world. If you've read this far, we applaud you.

What picks did you agree with? Did we miss any? Let us know your thoughts on social media!


Dubstep news reporters Dustin Fletcher and Jalen Evans can be found on Twitter.

Follow DUBSTEP FBI on socials:


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