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Kompany shreds listeners with a heavy remix of 'One More Day'

Kompany pushes yet another game changing remix with his twist on an Ophelia Records anthem.

The Filthy Beat Inspectors are always listening and on the look out for the latest heavy-hitting beats in the bass music community. Recently, the walls of our departments have been housing agents who are always on the lookout for something more...something different.

This time around we have detained bass music giant Kompany to further investigate his take on the emotional track "One More Day" by Jason Ross, Blanke, and Chandler Leighton.

Kompany offers a hard hitting take on the original, perfect for peak-time headbanging and for Jason's upcoming 14 city tour and Ophelia's first ever label tour in the fall.

The original track was already mind-numbingly amazing, so imagining any sort of progression would require true genius. The chord composition and progression that compose this track takes listeners on a journey to a place we all didn't know was needed. Melodic bass lovers and headbangers alike can all rejoice in the fact that this release is perfect for both personalities of festival-goers and bass music fanatics.

The perfect blend of sounds like the tearout terror of Marauda with bone-rattling bass from Synymata, Kompany's unique identity is known the world over and any anticipation of future releases truly does draw attention across all forms of media.

Blending versatile sound design with aggressive forms of bass music, Kompany is now a force to be reckoned with.


Currently on the home stretch of his Convergence Tour you can catch Jason Ross at venues all across the nation, most recently taking over clubs in Texas as well as iconic venues like Academy LA in SoCal.


We are ALWAYS listening...

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