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LAYZ & RZRKT drop collab upon the return of fabled Bassweight Records

After a year-long hiatus, Bassweight Records resurfaces with a tectonic song, ‘INCOMING’

LAYZ & RZRKT have teamed up to drop yet another one of the heavy hitters in their arsenals. This highly anticipated collab is the first to drop with Bassweight Records since April of 2021.

Following the label's last release, StonedLeveL’s Never Back Down EP, it’s been radio silence on all of Bassweight Records’ social channels ever since April 2021.

Just this week, however, they posted a cryptic message to their socials, strongly suggesting that they have much more in store for 2023.

Bassweight Records is known for releasing the latest in bass music from emerging talent in the scene. Having released four Syndicate volumes, and EPs with the likes of Chassi, Nosphere, Prosecute, and HOL!, Bassweight Records played a major role in elevating new talent in the bass genre.

‘INCOMING’ drops in the midst of LAYZ & RZRKT’s rampage on Excision's tour, hitting up cities such as Las Vegas, Denver, the Thunderdome in Tacoma, and Buffalo for New Years Eve.

"RZRKT is one of my best friends in this scene and I’ve always been a fan of his music production," LAYZ said. "We knew that both of our styles combined could turn into something insane! With the 1-minute and 30-second long cinematic introduction, our goal was to indulge the audience in suspense and power that perfectly prepares them for the madness incoming."

Having support from Excision, Jessica Audiffred, and many other artists, as well as countless requests from the listeners, it was certainly time to get this track out.

"Early-on this year, LAYZ and I became really great friends through our music, and one day I asked if she would be down to collab," RZRKT said. "I didn't have any written ideas, but two days later, sent her the concept and that was the start of 'INCOMING'. I'm happy we are finally putting it out and on a record label I have always wanted to release on."

LAYZ & RZRKT teased ‘INCOMING’ back at Lost Lands a couple months ago, and it’s been living rent free in our heads ever since. And with the return of Bassweight Records, and this song is a mere glimpse of what’s ahead for the bass record label in 2023.

INCOMING’ is available on all streaming platforms now.


Dubstep news reporter Everleigh can be found on Twitter and Instagram.


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