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Melodic Dubstep Investigations Series Launches on Dubstep FBI

Announcing feature, playlist into the softer side of bass music

I've always loved throwing down in the pit with complete strangers and the best of friends. There is, however, yet another sub-genre of bass music that has pulled at my heartstrings... melodic dubstep.

Melodic Dubstep Investigation Launches

This regular feature will be investigating those who incorporate tear jerkers into their sets and sounds, as well as a playlist updated weekly on SoundCloud and Spotify.

As a melodic bass music thought leader myself, I'll be authoring columns highlighting trends, artists and topics related to this subgenre. To submit story ideas and tracks to the Melodic Dubstep Investigations playlist, e-mail or hit me up on Insta or Twitter.

Listen to Melodic Dubstep Investigations on Spotify:

Listen to Melodic Dubstep Investigations on Soundcloud:

Inevitable growth ahead for the melodic subgenres

Seeing melodic dubstep move crowds consisting of tens of thousands at festival main stages is a breathtaking and almost indescribable experience. Witnessing entire stages dedicated to showcasing this one particular sound is a monumental step toward the expansion of it toward mainstream media platforms and larger listening crowds.

We've seen artists and their record labels take over stages at some of the world's biggest festivals, from OWSLA at Ultra Miami to Deadbeats at Paradiso. More recently, festival goers saw Seven Lions, Dabin and the rest of the Ophelia Records team orchestrate a stage takeover at Electric Zoo in New York.

It seems inevitable that radio stations and podcasts are soon to be flooded with the vibey chimes and rhythmic patterns of melodic dubstep.

Got Melodic Dubstep?

Recently, this unique sound has gained an astronomical amount of attention and new listeners, with pioneers making a name for themselves for years now. The overall vibes between a melodic and heavy dubstep set seem like they should be polar opposites; however, if you ever catch yourself at a set for Seven Lions or Illenium, then you know they blend so effortlessly.

These pioneers have developed transcending sounds that have made way for producers today in the melodic subgenre. Over the last few years, we've seen their cult followings grow immensely because they create music that brings out emotions that are hard to describe with words. We've also seen these artists incorporate faster elements such as psytrance into their sets, and we are predicting even more abstract and faster forms of these sounds will emerge.

Influences come from a collective of producers who may have already dabbled in the melodic side of dubstep, and the outcome may prove to be unexpected. For example, Jason Ross, an artist with trance roots and previous releases on Anjunabeats, composed some of the most unique tracks once joining up with Ophelia Records.

Jumping to the other side of the spectrum. Wooli has taken bass levels from his riddim ragers and composed tunes like Another Me featuring head honchos from Subsidia and Ophelia who make you question whether you should cry or grab your neck brace.

Even if something like a worldwide pandemic puts a halt to a majority of live performances, nothing can stop the creativity that the artists of today have to offer up. Music will always find its way to where it is needed most.


Tune into our weekly updated Melodic Dubstep Investigations Playlist, consisting of melodic favorites that have been recently released, supplemented by those who have already spent time abusing our headphones.

Melodic Dubstep Investigations is here to stay.


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