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Melodic Dubstep Investigations Series Launches on Dubstep FBI

Announcing feature, playlist into the softer side of bass music

I've always loved throwing down in the pit with complete strangers and the best of friends. There is, however, yet another sub-genre of bass music that has pulled at my heartstrings... melodic dubstep.

Melodic Dubstep Investigation Launches

This regular feature will be investigating those who incorporate tear jerkers into their sets and sounds, as well as a playlist updated weekly on SoundCloud and Spotify.

As a melodic bass music thought leader myself, I'll be authoring columns highlighting trends, artists and topics related to this subgenre. To submit story ideas and tracks to the Melodic Dubstep Investigations playlist, e-mail or hit me up on Insta or Twitter.

Listen to Melodic Dubstep Investigations on Spotify:

Listen to Melodic Dubstep Investigations on Soundcloud: