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msft embraces a carefree approach with sophomore EP 'lowercasE'

The rising Italian producer makes his mark with four infectious club bangers.

The dance music underground is always teeming with hidden gems, but few have been shining brighter than msft has recently. Hailing from the cultural hotbed of Venice, Italy, the multifaceted producer has been on a tear of late with garage-focused tunes like Break It and his jaw-dropping remix of Cyclops's viral hit Tear Jerker.

msft has continued this scorching momentum by unleashing his second full-fledged EP, titled lowercasE. Throughout this project, msft further solidifies his mastery of the garage genre with impeccable drum work, grimey basslines, and memorable vocal samples.

msft, whose real name is Alessandro Garbellini, emphasized that the aim of this project can be summed up in one word: carefree.

"I love meaningful music, but I also love carefree bangers," msft said. "I've been exploring and experimenting a lot in the past few months and this EP is a consequence of that."

lowercasE gets going with its lead single dontwaiT, a tune that is primarily steeped in the classic 2-step flavor of garage that first emerged in London in the mid-1990s. However, msft keeps listeners on their toes by switching to a dubstep-adjacent half-time rhythm midway through the first drop and again near the end of the track.

aaaH is another intriguing garage cut that encapsulates the club-oriented direction of msft's recent releases. msft's fusion of a breathy vocal sample with another groovy 2-step rhythm results in a proper belter that is poised to decimate sound systems everywhere.

inthedarK, originally released as a BBC Radio exclusive in March, is yet another indicator of msft's knack for subverting expectations. This track, similar to dontwaiT, contains a half-time rhythm switch as the second drop kicks into gear. msft's vocal chopping here is absolutely on point and adds yet another unique layer to the tune.

Image courtesy of msft

The EP's final offering, elevateD, is a collaborative effort with UK-based MC & producer Rakjay, whose energetic delivery and slick bars give the EP a proper send-off. This fusion of musical talent is a match made in UKG heaven, and we hope to hear these two join forces again soon.

With lowercasE, msft has once again proven himself to be a burgeoning force within the dance music sphere. The EP marks yet another strong effort from a producer who has become notorious in underground circles for his distinguished, danceable production style. Something tells us there's plenty more on the horizon this year for msft, who's showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Stream lowercasE now on Spotify & Apple Music.


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