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MUST DIE! drops multi-genre masterpiece ‘CRISIS VISION’ on Never Say Die

The 13 tracks demonstrate a mastery, confidently revisiting every style he's produced before

Legendary producer MUST DIE! just dropped a "straightforward letter to dance music" that launched us on an excursion through sound. CRISIS VISION, an incredible, 13-track, multi-genre album, dropped on Never Say Die this past week.

The release is loaded with fresh ideas and stellar collabs with the likes of Skream and Akeos; the highly-respected IMANU; The Pom-Poms; FBI favorite LINK; onumi; and Ducky. This highly anticipated album does not disappoint, and we are going to label it a contender for album of the year.

A wave of buzz comes with every MUST DIE! release, and CRISIS VISION is no different. From true headbanging tracks like NIHILISM BEGINS AT HOME to larger-than-life festival transporters like LIFE SUCK with IMANU, Lee Bates is a rebellious force within the bass music scene.

Even the album artwork (designed by Vinne) has people talking.

Whether it’s tracks that dropped over the last year leading up to the album, or classics like BLISS 2K or CHAOS, it is almost guaranteed that his drops will be rinsed out at a festival or show near you.

I had the chance to speak with Lee about what the album means to him, working with LINK, the incredible album artwork and the future of dubstep.

He described the album as “straightforward letter to dance music.”

"It's just me making the music I have always loved," he said. "I think DELETE IT ALL is probably my favorite, if only because I know it will turn heads."

And that it did DELETE IT ALL with Ducky attracted us with a bouncy introduction that lead up to an aggressive hardstyle-like drop, immediately transporting us into euro festival mode.

He spoke very highly of turbo superstar LINK, stating he has love for everything LINK has made, and that it was a no brainer for them to collab.

“I basically sent him a finished structure and he just completely rehashed everything with his signature sound and it was a lovely 50/50,” MUST DIE! said.

Fun and easy, as he best explained it. LINK has been on a major come up this past year, so the FBI team was elated to see the two had joined forces yet again.

If you follow MUST DIE! on Twitter and saw the official album announcement, you would’ve seen how the artwork had so many people talking. Lee spoke very highly of the artist for it Vinne, stating how he’s been a fan of him for a long time.

"As soon as we knew for sure it was album time, the team reached out and it all worked out!" MUST DIE! said. "I could not be happier. I feel like the look really had to match the sound and in my opinion, they're perfectly aligned."

The current state of dubstep is in motion, both show-wise as they slowly return to full-time; as well as musically, with new sounds being developed every day.

We asked MUST DIE! what he thinks of dubstep's future, regarding both the scene and himself.

"I don’t know where dubstep will go," he said. "Musically, it’s always changing, but it’s really up to promoters and agents to ensure we see a reflection of that in the live space. As for my record, I think I’m just bringing back every sound and style I’ve ever done with more confidence than ever."

It is clear that MUST DIE! has established himself as a pioneer in the bass music scene, further solidified by the multi-genre masterpiece that is CRISIS VISION. Mark our words that several of these tracks will be played out loud all summer, into the fall and forever beyond.

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