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Dyatic, HURTBOX snatch souls on 'Round Table Reinforcements Vol. 2'

Dubstep FBI proudly premiers the first two songs on the compilation

The Round Table team has managed to curate another legendary compilation featuring artists previously untouched by Disciple blood.

The first two tracks Pattern Breaker by Dyatic and Bomba by HURTBOX set a nasty tone for this underground dungeon of filth that makes up the second installation of Round Table Reinforcements. Featuring 16 innovative tracks, this release serves as a stepping stone for the 18 upcoming artists who now have their turn in the spotlight.

Both Dyatic and HURTBOX have succeeded in bringing to life engaging sounds with dirty, creative twists.

Dyatic's overall theme for Pattern Breaker was exactly that to set a pattern then break it. The track's well-crated composition peaks with a hype vocal sample, followed up by a drop that brings out the finger guns.

"There were a lot of things involved in bringing this idea to life," he said. "I focused on the main rhythm of the track to make it easy to follow, but not repetitive. By the end, I got a combination of flow, bass and percussions elements that converged and fit the idea I had in mind."

As a fresh face in the Mexican bass scene, Dyatic is coming off a smoking hot 2020. With support from artists like Dirtyphonics, Dr. Ozi and Graphyt, we're expecting to an invasion of alien-like flow to come from him this year.

HURTBOX's approach with BOMBA was to craft a danceable track that mixed both '80s synthwave and heavy dubstep. The soundscape captures an ominously mysterious introduction that encompasses listeners into a smoky dancefloor vibe.

"I usually start with the drums because they are most important to me," HURTBOX said. "Then I experiment with Serum and make a nice flow. I play a lot with my sub and the distortion like my twin HOL!"

The deep "BOMBA" vocal at the peak is actually HURTBOX's own, which forces out our filthiest grime faces as the track drops.

This compilation succeeds in featuring artists with no major releases under their belts. Disciple Label Manager and A&R Vishal Bhanderi said they reviewed nearly 1,000 tracks over the course of five hours.

"We narrowed it down to about 50 or so, then went over those with 12th," he said. "This time, we also had some fun including a few of the Disciple artists: Barely Alive, Bandlez and Eliminate to help pick some of the tracks."

With an overall theme tying into medieval lore, the Disciple Round Table branding shines as a medieval weapon showcase. The Vol. 1 compilation featured a sword and a scabbard, while Vol. 2 displays a kingly bow, arrows and a quiver. Vishal said this concept will continue rolling, even if they need to invent new weapons to showcase.

"To the artists that didn't make the cut, please keep pushing your sound and I am sure one day you'll get the recognition you deserve," Vishal said. "Also, don't worry too much about demo submission. If you have the music, we'll come find you."

The full Round Table Reinforcements Vol. 2 Compilation drops Friday, April 30. Pre-save it on Spotify.

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